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Easy Sudoku for 2/November/2005


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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G'day all
First again 0024 Sydney dst, so this site must be in one of the southern states that observe Daylight Saving ...
Hi to Mandy Candy Randy Sandy and Pandy.
Now to the puzzles
my best time 4.11
so happy
Wow!!! never been so high up on the board before!!!
Hi Marie!!!!
Have a wonderful day getting your hair cut!!!
i am late doing the puzzle. Lisa we dressed our little 5 month old son Austin as a little bear. It was so much fun. He didn't seem to mind and even smiled at himself in the mirror. You will have fun next year.
2;49 not too shabby with liam in the boob again!

have submitted a pic of him twice now. not sure ehy they haven't posted it... maybe he's not as cute as i thought!
2:52 - Happy November everyone.
2:52 - what a lovely couple of boys!
Anybody want some candy - we prepped for 100 kids and 30 came to the door - Aargh!
WOW tons of comments - took me longer to read them, then it did to do the puzzle. Looks like lots of new people as well. Have a good day.
4:47 terrible

Joke of the Day:

'A man gets stuck on an escalator during a power cut. A security guard comes up to him and says, 'Why don't you just walk down?' He replies, 'I can't. I'm going up!'
2:37, Raining here. Thats OK because I am getting ready for a 'Pampered Chef' party for tonight. Have a great day everyone. Good Morning Jenny!!!
Weee! pretty puppies!! yay!
4:53 atleast i'm still under 5 min.
3:29 woof
I love kitchen gadgets. My husband banned me from any future Pampered Chef parties; I spend too much!

I should be gaining about 20 lbs with all this Halloween candy my children collected last night!
Good one André,

Lily from Calgary, I wish we would have had some of your stock! Living in a flat in an 'adult' building, we didn't think we'd get Trick or Treaters... of course, we did! Now they'll think we're cheapskates.

Oh well, at least there's no extra loot around for me to munch on...

Have a great day everybody!
Lily - Maybe they're not hitting the big cities in such force - we planned for around 50 and ended up with 13! Going to make myself sick on all this candy...
over 5 min., but the dogs are cute! Sun is out in Colorado and no smashed pumkins in the road, the tricksters behaved last night and we even have left-over candy! Have a great day everyone.
2:19 I too have to much candy left over. Had over 100 people last year. 30 this year. Brought in a whole box of bars to work for the guys..... better them than me!
Hi all.

I believe Halloween is about dead except for private parties and organized trick or treating. The sensational 24-hr cable news has killed it.
Hi to all and jh From Champaign &Lisa From Colorado. I can speak German, a little Spanish, Turkish, Arabic. The two most useful phrases I have found to learn in any language are;
'Please, where are the toilets?' and
said with full confidence to the head waiter as you walk out of the restaurant,
'My friend will pay!'
especially if your friend does not speak the language concerned
Doggie needs some shirts.
4:16 well so much for sugar high helping on time. We have left over candy but my husband wouldn't have it any other way. If we would run out of candy he would have dressed up and went trick-or-treating to get some of his own. Needless to say neighter of us are in poster models for fitness.
Hey Paul, I'm sorry you think Halloween is dead. We have a 4 year old and go to so many events/parties and trick-or-treating that even his is done by Nov 1st.
Hi all
I have a trick for anyone visiting a country and unable to speak the language, take pictures of all things essential ie toilet, water etc with your mobile and then show the picture to who ever you are trying to ask! might save some embarassment!
good one andre........ I've used that one myself....... Also try to go to restaurants that have pictures of the food so you know in advance what you are trying to order........ maybe! sometimes the pictures are misleading but helps a lot still
My university gruff is telling me he was on the raz for four days on the trot - clubbing, house-warming parties, etc. Should I worry? Should I worry more about the fact he was chased by many females of the lustful persuasion?
A word of warning. Be careful to who and where you show your phone.
Too Slow today. Any ideas on what to buy my 88 year old Grandmother for her birthday??? She doesn't 'need' anything, still lives alone and drives. Maybe a Sudoku puzzle book?
4:02. Tired and slow!!!
does your grandmother have some sort of favorite charity you could donate in her name? or sometimes time spent is more valuable and you can get tickets to the theatre or something else that interests her.
Bill, if you're in Italy - 'Dove il gabinetto?' but I can't remember the word for please. Maybe take some photos from home when travelling? Christine, a torch (flashlight) for the glove box, nice liquid soap for bathroom,homemade biscuits,padded coathangers. She'd probably love to be taken out for lunch - and who wouldn't love a Sudoku book?
Donna-Are you hosting the party or presenting? I'm a PC consultant and I LOVE my job! (Almost as much as Sudoku!) I hope you have a great show!

Good ideas! Time spent with her is one of my favorite things already, we see all the new movies etc. I like the idea of an intangible gift, now you have me on the right track!

I am no good at this yet
Hello Sudoku fans!
Thanks Susan From Ingham, I use
'Dove sono le tolette, per favore'
and the other one
'Il mio amico pagherà.'
(Similar to Spanish)
Grazie Bill!
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