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Hard Sudoku for 2/November/2005


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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Forgot to set timer, was quit easy too.
12:51 with no helps, a good one for me (makes up for the dishwasher dying yesterday) Happy days folks!
10:19 - a cool, crisp day here today, with a forecast of snow - ah well, it's November!!
12:54 but had to break off part way through for half a minute. No doubt the superduper regulars will come in with 2: 01 or something (it takes me longer than that to set it up!)
Sweetie: if you're back - I looked at that site and I'm lost before I even get to the X-wing! Don't understand the second lot of red 5s
Maybe I'll just try and muddle through!

NaNaNaBooBoo I'm better at Sudoko Than You! Ya big bragger, i did this one in 17 seconds.Of course I used the helps, duhh! XOXO omg i love YOU, I mean sudoko!
7:42 surf's up Harriet, it takes some getting used to; I still screw up trying to do x-wing! Don't know of any other site that explains it - anyone else?
Cowabunga dudes!!!!!!!!!!!
Sandy thinks these are killer dolphins.This is a very scary picture. Was this posted late for Halloween?
18:18 while talking to Gruff (home early) so m'm

Slogan of the Day:

'The grass is always greener on tv'
Sandy, i can see how this would be scary for the dolphins, if say, you were in there swimming nude, but I don't see how it is scary for you.
13:55. Feeling pretty good about that! And look at the dolphins, what a great photo!
turn off the computer. go scrub a toilet or something.
Hi Sweetie,lily,andy and all, congrats Donna.

sweetie i keep going in the sandbox and the x-wing and now all these 'ogons' are getting beyond me, did you look at a-solver that has more diagrams but still i couldn't do it but I try to do them off line to figure it out!
Sandy, How dare you comment on the cleanliness of my loo! Why you little, sudoko junkie! Go make a bed and clean that sink. You said you had no clean dishes yesterday, I shudder to think what you ate off of today!
Sandy, I do SEE that hydroderm ad, and NO I don't think it resembles your behind! Maybe a third of your behind, If you were standing sideways 15 years ago.
I was named after a dolphin.
6:27 today, easy one for a 'hard' rated.

Sweetie, try www.angusj.com/soduko/hints.php for a good explanation of x-wing. Hope it helps!
We are celebrating DIWALI festival in INDIA today.
' HAPPY DIWALI' to all.
Sweetie -

Sorry, I guess the URL did not work. Try http://www.angusj.com/ and then navigate to the sudoku sections.
Thanks, Mike! I understood 'A solver's' xwing explanation, I was asking for Harriet from the UK... I'll check it out too, can't hurt to cram more info in the blonde brain! :))
6.14. What a fantastic shot of all those dolphins, that must have been some experience for those surfers. Happy Diwali to you Vijay. Are you near the Ganges? Do you let your little candle float down the river? Such a pretty sight.
10:53. Hum-hum...
Sweetie, sorry did not read the whole item I guess. Well I hope that both you and Harriet can gain from the site. I am still working on it!
Gruff had similar experience surfing off Oz, thought for second they were shark fins, fell of board n gave himself split lip and black eye. Still had silly grin in photo though! Happy Diwali Vijay
Happy Diwali to Vijay...and happy days to those surfers, what an amazing experience...I just try to surf the evening commute...
6:14, remembered to set the timer this time.
Is it really serious to invoke Xwing for 'hard' puzzles? c3=5%block, c2=6%block, g7=5%block, e9=5%block, b9=1%cell, a1=1%block, c5=1%block, g2=1%block, g1=2%block, i3=8%block, h3=4%block, h1=3%block, g8=4%block, h8=9%row, i7=1%block, f8=1%block, h4=1%block, e6=9%row, g5=9%row, g4=8%block, More...
f1=8%row, d5=6%row, e5=8%row, f5=2%block, i4=2%block, e2=2%block, d2=3%block, f2=4%block, e8=3%block, d8=8%row, i5=4%block, d4=4%block, b6=4%block, h5=5%block, f6=5%block, b4=5%block : unique solution only by easy fillings.
gb from france - eh?
First time I used the timer 16:52....
agreed, gb. Xwing is useful for the tough ones and some of the hard ones, although lately the hard ones are all simple fill ins. Mike, loved the explanation on the site you gave - really helpful! Anyone with trouble understanding all the intricacies of Sudoku, I highly recommend this site: www.angusj.com/sudoku
8:02 5:00 to set up balance to solve. I wish I could set up quicker. My mouse must be in go slow mode.
18:13, new record for me on hard
10:04 finally the number came up. All the other puzzle would come up but not Hard. Weird huh? well it's great pic but is a repeat. I love dolphins - they're like big water dogs.
Elapsed time is 1.559466 seconds.
That's how fast the Sudoku solver did this one.
I found quite an elegantly written 20 line recursive algo that pretty much brute forces it without using any logic (Geoff Boynton, http://www.mathworks.com/matlabcentral/files/8083/sodoku.m for you Matlab users out there).
But, what's the fun in that ;-)
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