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Easy Sudoku for 30/March/2017


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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2:13 Just got home from badminton. Night all!
30/Mar/17 12:06 AM
Good Maen, folks!
30/Mar/17 12:10 AM
Very quiet around here today.
30/Mar/17 12:38 AM
Lonewoof, As Plum said, the clue is okay. She had the correct letters, they just needed rearranging. You'll get it I'm sure.
30/Mar/17 12:57 AM
That,s a ghost post of a ghost post. How many days can it run for?
30/Mar/17 12:59 AM
More of those intricately constructed temples...an overabundance of them here!
30/Mar/17 1:22 AM
everyone....and, Wombat's ghost.
I bet those temples have lots of steps. Speaking of steps....
There were 49 in yesterday's poozle.

He climbs halfway, which is step 25. He hears the bird singing on step 33. He picks More...
30/Mar/17 1:36 AM
And, for today.....

Each set has a common trait. What are they?

1. Hair - A Brain - An Ocean
2. A Bride & Groom - A Boat & Trailer - A Horse & Buggy
3. A Scale - A Tire - A Checkbook
4. An Aquarium - An Army - A Car
5. A Sports Page - A Movie - A Broadway Musical
6. More...
30/Mar/17 1:42 AM
Kathy's puzzle made me hungry ...
30/Mar/17 2:23 AM
30/Mar/17 3:50 AM
Happy Wednesday day off!
30/Mar/17 5:04 AM
We just had our internet speed hiked thanks to Spectrum taking over Time Warner - curious as to whether it will effect my ability to now post here directly rather than doing the ol' copy & paste! It's working now, but we shall see....... what the future brings.
30/Mar/17 5:45 AM
Wow. Slow day.
30/Mar/17 6:41 AM
Morning all,are all the temples over there the same or these get photographed more.
30/Mar/17 7:02 AM
Central Java? That's where my sister lives. She keeps telling us we should visit her and see the sights. But then there'd be even MORE photos of these temples on the site, I suppose!
30/Mar/17 8:34 AM
Sheila, I am sorry to hear of your Mother's death. She has indeed had an exceptional long life. I hope this longevity is due to good genes and that have inherited them.
30/Mar/17 9:01 AM
As someone who makes numerous mistakes in posting questions and answers to poozles and welcomes corrections to those errors, I feel bound to comment on the answer given to Kathy's puzzle which she posted on Wednesday. I do so reluctantly because this opposes me to such eminent solvers as Kathy, More...
30/Mar/17 9:20 AM
30/Mar/17 9:24 AM
I believe it is 'assumed', Wombat that to reach a MIDDLE step, there need to be an odd number of steps; yes I figured 48 steps also. but which is the 'middle' one - 24 or 25, so......
30/Mar/17 10:34 AM
Ah Wombat! The monk went to the MIDDLE step before performing his antics. This implies that there are an equal number of steps above him as below him, not including the one he's standing on. So an odd number of steps.

30/Mar/17 10:44 AM
I think I'll maunder along now........
30/Mar/17 10:45 AM
Well, will you look at that.......Keith's twenty two.

I'll take it.

Thanks Keith!
30/Mar/17 10:46 AM
If you stand on the step number 24, there are 24 steps below you and if you are half way up, there are 24 above you, hence 48. I worked on the third floor of a building for about 20 years, and there were 22 steps between floor 1 and floor 2, and 22 steps between floor 2 and floor 3. When I More...
30/Mar/17 11:06 AM
Good maeN, good people. I got to the point where I could BREATHE this afternoon so I slept deeply for 3 hours. I'm almost well.
30/Mar/17 1:06 PM
I'm with Wombat. Obviously, since I did the same math he did. And also because I have a flight of steps in my house with a landing halfway. There are an even number of steps, 14.

Since I moved there with a newborn and was often carrying a baby in the dark on the steps and didn't want More...
30/Mar/17 1:15 PM
Really Peter - maunder??!!
30/Mar/17 1:15 PM
Such creative ways to approach 22!
30/Mar/17 1:17 PM
........amble, saunter, and now maunder - what's your plan for tomorrow?
30/Mar/17 1:19 PM
I might just go for a stroll, Joyce.
30/Mar/17 1:41 PM
Guess Keith is fully forewarned!
30/Mar/17 3:56 PM
1:37. Good evening everyone.
30/Mar/17 7:37 PM
How far will you run today, Chris?
I may 'run' into town and back, but I'll be driving.
30/Mar/17 8:23 PM
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