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Easy Sudoku for 30/May/2012


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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WON'T need today.
Hopefully we'll get to see some rain.
30/May/12 12:01 AM
30/May/12 12:01 AM
Wow! First today!
(Must have been beneficial to watch all those fast drivers at the Indy 500 on Sunday! What a race! Lots of spin-outs right in front of us! Thankful that there were no injuries.)
30/May/12 12:04 AM
all from So. Oregon

Hope everyone stoped yesterday to remember those who have died for our freedom, and then spent time enjoying what they have died for us being able to do.
30/May/12 12:05 AM
Good morning all! Has everyone gone to bed early to get away from this cold snap, we near Sydney are experiencing? Most unusual, not an Aussie to be seen.
30/May/12 12:22 AM
Eve - Spent the time traveling on Memorial Day, but they always have a moving memorial to those who served our country at the 500 race on Sunday. This year was especially well-done. There was a huge military salute lap. Instead of the Stelth(?) bomber flyover, they had three vintage war prop planes plus a current bomber flying behind them in formation.
30/May/12 12:23 AM
2:10 Good night one and all!

Of course she doesn't need a nap, not while she's eating.
30/May/12 12:23 AM
We'd love a cold snap, lizzyg!
(We've had record high temps here! It is supposed to finally cool down in the next few days!)
30/May/12 12:25 AM
Anne - Reminds me of a photo of our oldest at about that age... Head down in his plate on Thanksgiving with a turkey leg in his hand!
30/May/12 12:28 AM

I have a photo like that, too. Face plant in the oatmeal. I bring it out when I want to really embarrass him.
30/May/12 12:41 AM
Oops! everyone1??
30/May/12 12:42 AM
30/May/12 12:45 AM
Hi Bev.
30/May/12 1:04 AM
Hi everyone.
30/May/12 1:04 AM
Hi lizzyg. Many of the aussie crew are retired old farts, who go to bed before they turn into pumpkins.
30/May/12 1:06 AM
Oops, meant to put a at the end of the previous comment.
30/May/12 1:07 AM
I am different, for I am working. Not as hard as on previous shifts, but still working.
30/May/12 1:12 AM
30/May/12 1:12 AM
Funny, funny picture!
30/May/12 2:04 AM
Good afternoon to all! I can identify with this photo, as after a good meal I often times feel like having a nap too!
30/May/12 2:26 AM
Slow here today. Aussies sleeping (except CP of course) and all those south of the 49th parallel recovering from their long weekend I guess.
30/May/12 2:28 AM
Well, I'll hold this one until Keith shows up!
30/May/12 2:29 AM
Good job, CG! I am giving my final exam in geometry today, then I have to keep them quiet for the next two days. UGH!!
30/May/12 3:21 AM
Good morning. Lizzyg, there are a few of us that do wander around during the early hours, despite the cold!
30/May/12 3:24 AM
We have had near high temperatures recently - may be another hot summer in Texas. BUT, it sure is a lot greener than the last two years at the end of May.
30/May/12 3:27 AM
I know what I'm doing when I'm up at 3:30 AM ...
30/May/12 3:28 AM
So ... can I have that now, CG?

Agreed. Funny picture.
30/May/12 3:36 AM
Just a little clarification for those of you who saw the Indy 500 fly-by. The lead jet was an A-10 'Warthog.' It has been in the AF inventory since the mid-70s. The two wingmen are flying prop driven P-51s, WWII vintage. And in the slot position is an F-16. This particular aircraft was flown by one of our local pilots from Shaw AFB.
30/May/12 3:46 AM
Yes Keith, post your 22 smilie, as I saved it for you!
30/May/12 3:46 AM
Greg, I hope you take the food out of your mouth before your nap - could be a choking hazard otherwise
30/May/12 4:38 AM
I will probably do part-time work of some (easy) kind, but not until next January. I have been postponing so many things "until I retire" that I have at least 6 months' worth of projects around here, plus some travel.
30/May/12 4:43 AM
30/May/12 5:18 AM
Well, I've been busy, even if you lot haven't.
30/May/12 5:46 AM
Just enjoying a recuperative cuppa, and a nice sit down.
30/May/12 5:46 AM
Good morning...off to the Volunteer Coast Guard toady...fills in time :)

enjoy your day everyone :)
30/May/12 7:01 AM
2.15 Yes can relate to that photo with my kids.
30/May/12 7:08 AM
Hi bernice, great to see you back on page. don't work too hard
30/May/12 7:11 AM
HalT: 3
30/May/12 7:16 AM
30/May/12 7:16 AM
30/May/12 7:16 AM
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