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Easy Sudoku for 31/May/2012


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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31/May/12 12:01 AM
Good morning. Not sure what I am doing still up at this time of night!
31/May/12 12:01 AM
Site was unavailable for a while there!
31/May/12 12:16 AM
WILL need this morning.
It has cooled off a bit & perfect temperatures expected.
31/May/12 12:16 AM
I have had a bit of trouble getting on the site this morning. Lots of 'site not available' pop-ups.
31/May/12 12:25 AM
G'day mates, Had a little problem connecting here tonight, but now that I'm on, here's today's medical daffynition:
Cauterize: v. Made eye contact with her.

31/May/12 12:32 AM
Hello?? Ah! We're back!

31/May/12 12:43 AM
Kayo - I like your daffynition MUCH better than the traditional.
31/May/12 12:50 AM
So who broke the site..?
31/May/12 12:51 AM
Good morning people of the world.
31/May/12 12:56 AM
My Bucket Has A Hole In It Day
31/May/12 12:57 AM
Not me!
Let's see... Hmmmm! HalT got on first. Maybe he knows!
31/May/12 12:58 AM
"Dear Liza. Dear Liza!"
31/May/12 12:59 AM
Good Morning friends!
Had trouble getting on-site myself.
Just stopping in to say hello...off to the cat house for feeding and cleaning!
Back later to play.
31/May/12 1:00 AM
I signed on then worked the puzzle. When I tried to return... no site. Soooo, it must have been June's fault.
31/May/12 1:06 AM
Methinks the culprit just confessed......
31/May/12 1:10 AM
Is that what's known as 'passing the buck', Hal?
31/May/12 1:11 AM
And... Off I go before I get blamed, too!
31/May/12 1:16 AM
Good Maen, good people! My blisters and I are back from a whirlwind tour on Manhattan Island. I must have walked 15 miles in 3 days, so my idea of working up to 5 miles a day walking was the right one. (Too bad I didn't make it until I got there. LOL)

The first day I saw the Statue of More...
31/May/12 1:17 AM
Happy Wednesday!
31/May/12 1:25 AM
Sounds like a wonderful trip. Plum!
31/May/12 1:29 AM
31/May/12 1:29 AM
Now, I'm reeeally leaving! Honest!
31/May/12 1:30 AM
31/May/12 1:30 AM
Plum, that sounds like my feelings after my whirlwind trip to Washington DC. I'm glad you had a good time...and survived the walking!
31/May/12 1:32 AM
Harvest has started. I have been fired from the combine so far, and yesterday I was really glad! The engine went. It was going great guns until then. Does anyone have a spare engine for a 1066 International Harvester Combine?
31/May/12 1:34 AM
I have a week off from making the pizzas. I had an informal interview last Saturday with a local hospital who is looking for someone temporary, part time, and the CEO seemed willing to work with me to get me back up to speed. I have a phone interview with another hospital this afternoon. This one would involve moving. What is it they say you don't find a job until you already have one?
31/May/12 1:37 AM
One more for a CP, then I need to scoot. Lots of stuff to do, even though harvest has screeched to a halt for us.
31/May/12 1:38 AM
What beautiful berries! Mother Nature never fails to amaze me with her beauty in the details.
31/May/12 2:26 AM
What are you harvesting in the end of May, Sarah Beth?
31/May/12 2:28 AM
Quick hello.
31/May/12 4:49 AM
Quick goodbye - cya!
31/May/12 4:49 AM

Ok big problems getting on the site via traditional means but it loaded via my Yahoo e-mail.

Go figure.
31/May/12 8:21 AM
Maybe coincidence, Mr Cee? I couldn't get on earlier, but it's working "via traditional means" for me now.
31/May/12 8:24 AM
Hi Everyone,

Sorry about the problems logging on. Someone was carrying out an attack on the sudoku.com.au server & none of the site on the server were up. The attack seems to have stopped for now, and I am working with the hosting company on a permanent solution.

31/May/12 8:32 AM
See! Told you it wasn't my fault.
31/May/12 8:35 AM
Thanks Gath.
I couldn't get on yesterday afternoon, either, but I got a message say there were problems........
31/May/12 8:41 AM
Hello everyone!
HalT I believed you!
31/May/12 8:43 AM
31/May/12 8:55 AM
Oooh, time for a page change.
31/May/12 8:56 AM
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