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Easy Sudoku for 31/October/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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31/Oct/16 12:03 AM
Good morning all - another joke from Peter delayed my arrival while I enjoyed a chuckle; hope laughter encompasses your entire day!
31/Oct/16 12:07 AM
Good Maen, good people. The girls have pumpkins to carve today. Last week we introduced some little boys who live in Europe to the fun of scooping out pumpkin guts and making Jack-o-lanterns. Today I think my girls, much older and more experienced, will be carving away the orange skin to sculpt the flesh below for a cameo effect once the candles are lit inside the pumpkin.
31/Oct/16 12:33 AM
Love Pinterest for ideas to try and inspirations for new ideas.
31/Oct/16 12:34 AM
I've already made 3 pumpkin pies so far this week. Sent one away with my European friends. My household has enjoyed the other two. Should have made a fourth one. But I didn't. So I bought some candy corn instead.
31/Oct/16 12:36 AM
Tomorrow evening, since we don't have trick or treating in rural no man's land where we live and we aren't involved in a church harvest festival, we will make popcorn and watch Cary Grant in 'Arsenic and Old Lace.' Our annual treat.
31/Oct/16 12:39 AM
One more post should do the cp trick. I think my 16 year old, Skye (f/k/a Little Plum), will be dressing as a steampunk fairy tomorrow for the day. We had hoped to do a Dr Who themed family group but our visit to Traverse City didn't coincide with Halloween.

There. That was a Treat!
31/Oct/16 12:42 AM
Mary had a little lamb
Who’s fleece was white as snow.
And everywhere that Mary went
The lamb was sure to go.

Mary went to the butcher’s shop
With the little lamb in tow.
When Mary left the butcher’s shop
The little lamb did not go!

Mary had a little lamb
With More...
31/Oct/16 1:11 AM
🌻nice fall day here - a do or die day for my Chicago Cubs -
31/Oct/16 1:24 AM
A fast 4 months have passed since I had surgery on my hip - days of non weight bearing are in the past. I have been able to ride my bike on flat surfaces but I made it up the hill twice and felt comfortable doing so - each day is a gift and a learning experience
31/Oct/16 1:26 AM
Since it's still Sunday the 30th here, I'm waiting until tomorrow to celebrate my 86th birthday. Every Halloween this happens - the number gets bigger. I sure don't feel this old except in my body. Best wishes to all for a good year.
31/Oct/16 1:32 AM
Jim in Oregon - I was in the Portland area visiting my son earlier this month - I was following the search for the lost hiker Annie and found out she was the daughter of Jon from the Piano guys. I know the search has been Suspended and able to follow some information from the news- it was beautiful in your neck of the woods but this news did darken my skies
31/Oct/16 1:33 AM
Would love to have a birthday on Halloween! Have a good day Wolf🎂💃🏼
31/Oct/16 1:34 AM
Let's see, Neil....(last verse)

Mary had a little chop
Cooked with mint and herb
After the meal, she did declare
''That little lamb was superb!''
31/Oct/16 1:39 AM
Oh, how rude of me.
31/Oct/16 1:40 AM
Celebrating a birthday on Halloween means you can eat all the candy you want. And, if it doesn't mean that, it should.
31/Oct/16 1:43 AM
Happy to hear your mobility has improved so much, mymare. Keep up the good work!

I haven't cooked a pumpkin pie from scratch in years, Plum. I never liked the smell of the pumpkin cooking.
31/Oct/16 1:48 AM
and, I'm out of here!

31/Oct/16 1:49 AM
Mary had a little lamb
Its leg she did a roast
with spuds n beans n garlic bread
and champagne for the toast.
31/Oct/16 1:56 AM
Guess there's no 'Tough' today since the link comes back here.
31/Oct/16 2:09 AM
31/Oct/16 2:20 AM
Hiya Kettles.
31/Oct/16 2:33 AM
Happy Sunday! Been a while, hopefully see more folks here as the day goes on
31/Oct/16 2:37 AM
Done the puzzles, had my hot chocolate so back to bed.
31/Oct/16 3:49 AM
I can't get kakuro.cc to come up. Is the trouble with me or the site?
31/Oct/16 3:58 AM
I can see why no cuddles right now. Just wait 'til after your bath!
31/Oct/16 5:49 AM
No tough today!
31/Oct/16 5:55 AM
I can't get Kakuro or Tough to come up, either.
31/Oct/16 5:57 AM
Morning all, bath time for that dog.
31/Oct/16 5:57 AM
Found my papers with Wombat's puzzle ,I had missed the E...P when writing them out.🙄
31/Oct/16 6:02 AM
Watching the Mexican Grand Prix.....Ricciardo running 5th'

C'mon Dan!
31/Oct/16 7:35 AM
Happy Rainy Sunday!
31/Oct/16 7:40 AM
Not rainy here but cloudy!
31/Oct/16 8:18 AM
Hey Keith, I can see why you would like us 'oldies' to come back and post but it seems like no matter when I come in there is nobody here. We use to have it so that people just kind of kept the site up in the background and you could have a conversation but for the past few days anytime I have come in nobody is here
31/Oct/16 8:28 AM
Today's puzzle is a E into O up and down puzzle. You start with the letter E and make a seven letter word, and then down to O. You have to do this by adding (or subtracting) one letter at a time and making a word each time. You can rearrange the order of the letters. Clues as to what the words are More...
31/Oct/16 8:52 AM
CynB, sorry you ran out of time doing Saturday's puzzle, but there is a different style of one I've posted today, and I've left two days to get it done. I'm planning to post another 26- puzzle on Saturday and I'll allow two days for that.
31/Oct/16 9:00 AM
Stick around Linda, there's a BOTP and TOTP coming up.
31/Oct/16 9:02 AM
Does anyone want to race to BOTP?
31/Oct/16 9:03 AM
It is a lovely sunny day here, but quite cold and strongish winds are predicted
31/Oct/16 9:05 AM
Well here we are at the bottom of the page. I'd better hurry before someone jumps in.
31/Oct/16 9:06 AM
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