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Easy Sudoku for 4/January/2019


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Good Maen, all! Waiting for a little snow today.
04/Jan/19 12:00 AM
2:09. 'Morning Wolf, and everyone.
04/Jan/19 12:07 AM
2:05 Lovely photo of the South-west of W.A.
Good night one and all!
04/Jan/19 1:04 AM
Good Maen, good people. A hopscotch puzzle today: skip 1 and 4 then pick them up on the way back.
04/Jan/19 2:25 AM
Everybody!! Teeth cleaning today. Yuk!! Worse than a filling.
04/Jan/19 2:33 AM
04/Jan/19 2:38 AM
I am finally getting around to taking down the tree and other Christmas decorations today. We were late in getting them up and now late in taking them down. We are consistent if nothing else.
04/Jan/19 2:43 AM
Every year I promise myself that I will be organized when packing away decorations and every year I stuff it all into boxes haphazardly just to get it done. I remember my Mom always had things put neatly in labeled boxes. She knew exactly where each decoration, etc. was. I did not inherit that trait.
04/Jan/19 2:51 AM
04/Jan/19 3:12 AM
DENNY Be sure to get a fluoride treatment immediately after a tooth cleaning because it exposes untreated areas to cavities. My elderly aunt had her own beautiful teeth until she got a cleaning and then - disaster!
04/Jan/19 3:28 AM
Morning all. Didn't freeze last night, for the first time in a while.
04/Jan/19 4:10 AM
1:46 crusin
04/Jan/19 4:15 AM
04/Jan/19 4:40 AM
Good maen to you all from snowy Tamworth, New Hampshire.
04/Jan/19 5:42 AM
Morning all, I had to enlarge the pic to see the cruise boat, thought it was a wave at first.
04/Jan/19 5:49 AM
It's sunny here today!
04/Jan/19 5:57 AM
Wendy for a lovely scenic photo.
04/Jan/19 5:57 AM
I'll be taking the tree down today with the help of Ella and Cailin, yesterday I thought Summer was going to start helping but no she just stood there looking at it and saying pretty.
04/Jan/19 6:03 AM
04/Jan/19 6:20 AM
We've had nearly two meters os snow so far this season. I am beginning to enjoy winter. Snowshoeing is fun, and things are QUIET in the snow, except when the wind is howling. Maureen and I have joined a local classical music chorus; last month we sang the Britten Ceremony of Carols - with an More...
04/Jan/19 6:26 AM
2:36 Morning All.
Expecting 42C (108F) today.
04/Jan/19 7:37 AM
Spectacular photos, Jim! What a beautiful area that is.
04/Jan/19 7:40 AM
I seem to have stumbled into Keith's 22. I don't gallump.
04/Jan/19 7:41 AM
All of your photos are beautiful, Jim! What a scenic place that you now live! You are, though, the ONLY senior I know that has moved TO the snow! Best wishes in your new life!
04/Jan/19 8:04 AM
Glad you enjoiyed the photos. I add to the collection every month or two.
04/Jan/19 10:35 AM
Liked your photos, Jim.
04/Jan/19 11:10 AM
Hey Judy, I moved south on retirement and found the snow.
04/Jan/19 11:12 AM
🙋🏼good maEn ⛄️listening to my book on CD - it is due tomorrow- my book is also due but I have that in CD also which isn't due ! How I budget my time !
04/Jan/19 12:03 PM
JimnolongerinOregon now lives in a huge metropolis:
Tamworth is a town in Carroll County, New Hampshire, United States. The population was 2,856 at the 2010 census.

My high school had almost that many students!
04/Jan/19 1:45 PM
What with all the mountains and lakes, there is no room for people, I guess
04/Jan/19 1:46 PM
Perhaps of interest to the 33 crowd;

04/Jan/19 1:53 PM
That you did, Peter! But, even with snow and cold, being with family is worth it, right? Warm grandchildren trump cold nights every time!
04/Jan/19 2:23 PM
POP!!!! Miller Lite for me ...
04/Jan/19 2:24 PM
Hello all - I am trying to digest the concept of Jack's predicted high today: 'Expecting 42C (108F) today' - don't think I've ever experienced such temperatures except when opening my oven door!!
04/Jan/19 2:30 PM
It is too hot for anything here but with the air-conditioning on I will probably just have the energy to post the answers to the NY puzzle. Another good response with eleven. The people who responded were Sarah, Judy, Chris, Joyce, Peter, Kathy, Snowbird, Lone-woof, Plum, Amelia and Arachnid. More...
04/Jan/19 4:12 PM
Big bushfire in the Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers National Park at Gell River, west of Hobart. This is wilderness area and firefighters are unable to fight the fire except by using aircraft. A few towns are on 'watch and act' alert. We are OK here in Hobart except there is plenty of smoke about - can't even see the other side of the river.
04/Jan/19 4:19 PM
Thought Jiminoregon had moved to Aus when he mentioned Tamworth. Tamworth is in NSW and is famous for its Country Music Festival.
04/Jan/19 4:24 PM
1:35, good afternoon from a hot Canberra. It's not often we hit 100°F but we passed it today!

All in all not a great day - I started it off with quite a spectacular stack on my morning run and took a reasonable amount of skin off my right palm as well as my left knee and elbow. I must have More...
04/Jan/19 6:40 PM
Both of the Tamworths are in New England! --

Tamworth is a city and the major regional centre in the New England region of northern New South Wales, Australia

So I guess there is a Tamworth in England, too.
04/Jan/19 6:55 PM
Sure enough:
Tamworth is a large market town and borough in Staffordshire, England, 14 miles northeast of Birmingham and 103 miles northwest of London.
04/Jan/19 6:56 PM
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