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Easy Sudoku for 5/January/2019


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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Good Mean, all! No snow, just a little rain yesterday.
05/Jan/19 12:00 AM
Good maen from balmy Tamworth, New Hampshire, at a cozy -4°C this morning. And yes, the distillery makes good stuff; the New York Times even wrote about it.

Tamworth is small. My apartment block in Beijing had about 40,000 people, about the population of all of Carroll County here in northern New Hampshire..
05/Jan/19 12:20 AM
2:10 I am slow on them tonight.
Better go to bed and get some sleep instead of watching the tennis.
05/Jan/19 12:20 AM
Whoa' 2:40!!. 'Morning all!
05/Jan/19 12:39 AM
Morning. Off to the city again.
05/Jan/19 1:22 AM
Haven't had the cool change yet, to hot to sleep Gunna be some stomping later today
05/Jan/19 2:30 AM
05/Jan/19 2:34 AM
05/Jan/19 3:01 AM
05/Jan/19 3:58 AM
Two days in a row!
05/Jan/19 4:19 AM
1:40. Good morning everyone.
05/Jan/19 5:12 AM
Eileen for the lovely flower photo.
05/Jan/19 5:25 AM
05/Jan/19 6:15 AM
🙋🏼good mAen ⛄️☀️ walk and hang in the water for a bit - nice day
05/Jan/19 6:35 AM
Morning all,not sure what the flowers are but they are pretty.
I agree Rage ,was 20C overnight here. Now it's 26C and climbing.
05/Jan/19 6:59 AM
Chris, have a great day.
05/Jan/19 7:03 AM
05/Jan/19 7:11 AM
Good morning one and all! Woke early (4:27am here right now)
Chris, I hope you're feeling okay today and you can enjoy your birthday after yesterday's fall while running.
05/Jan/19 7:27 AM
Here we are folks, the first poozle for 2019. Note that responses are due by Tuesday

5 JANUARY 2019

This week's Saturday poozle is 1&3 poozle,
I will work through the alphabet giving you the first and third letters of a word and a clue as to what the word is. I will also More...
05/Jan/19 8:14 AM
Good mAen, good people. Staying up until midnight to greet the new year sure does come back around with consequences when you have to get back in a normal schedule! Excuse my yawn.
05/Jan/19 8:30 AM
Happy birthday, Chris! 🎂🎉🍺🎈

05/Jan/19 8:31 AM
I'll occupy 22 today since I'm here. 😃
05/Jan/19 8:32 AM
We split and stacked firewood yesterday. In the sunshine! With temps above freezing! Very unusual for January in Michigan. Much more like late February or March. I've been wondering if people are tapping maple trees to make syrup. Conditions seem perfect.

Mornings have been snowy or More...
05/Jan/19 8:41 AM
Today's Easy solve starts with 3 and goes up then swings back to catch 1 and 2.
05/Jan/19 8:46 AM
Yes, very spring-like here; at some point I looked out the front window & the evergreens in brilliant sunshine had some species of insect hatching in masses - they'll be gone by tonight when the temps drop, but oh, what a sight!
05/Jan/19 8:49 AM
And a Good day to all!
05/Jan/19 8:50 AM
Amelia, can you post the website to that Summertime Christmas song you posted on TOS? It is might apropos and funny as well!
05/Jan/19 8:51 AM
05/Jan/19 8:52 AM
A slooooow 2:50

Chris, as the song says 'Keep on runnin' '

05/Jan/19 9:32 AM
Happy birthday Chris and I hope you have recovered from yesterday's fall.
05/Jan/19 9:48 AM
05/Jan/19 1:39 PM
stomp stomp
05/Jan/19 1:40 PM
You can get it looking mad
You can get it stomping along
Matter of fact I got it now
Ice cold VB Ahhh
That's better
05/Jan/19 1:42 PM
Have a good one, hope the legs ok
05/Jan/19 1:45 PM
And a CP, life is good, no more stomping
05/Jan/19 1:46 PM
Night all.
05/Jan/19 2:49 PM
VB = Anti stomping fluid!
05/Jan/19 3:38 PM
Works for Rage!
05/Jan/19 3:39 PM
Was that the Romper Stomper that made his way through raging at the world? I'm sure he has a kind heart and all; that stomping is merely catharctic.
05/Jan/19 4:00 PM
I think I might slither down to the end of the page. I hope that rage has finished stomping. BOTFP
05/Jan/19 4:01 PM
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