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Easy Sudoku for 5/November/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Good morning all - have a g'day!
05/Nov/16 12:12 AM
Hello, beautiful Grandie!
05/Nov/16 12:21 AM
05/Nov/16 1:13 AM
Joyce and Hal....and all to follow.
05/Nov/16 1:17 AM
I am sitting here looking at the bed in my computer room. It is piled with bags of Christmas presents that I have purchased. I tend to ''buy as I go''. If I see something I think would be a ''perfect'' gift for someone, home it comes. As you might suspect, there are quite a few toys.
05/Nov/16 1:21 AM
Well, that mysteriously posted before I was finished.
To continue...The little ones (3 of them, now!)will be here for Thanksgiving. The two older ones sleep in my computer room. The stuff has to be moved somewhere. These kids could find a needle in a haystack. It occurs to me all the More...
05/Nov/16 1:27 AM
On a sad note, Shosho posted on FB that her mother passed away yesterday. I don't know when she will be able to get here and I though those of you not on FB would like to know.
05/Nov/16 1:32 AM
not quiet this dark but it is still very foggy
05/Nov/16 1:34 AM
I have spent my free morning potting a new plant and fixing up an old one. The old one is 25 years old my Mom & sis sent it for our 25 anniversary.
05/Nov/16 1:38 AM
Time to go get Harry from PT
05/Nov/16 1:38 AM
Have a great weekend everyone!
05/Nov/16 1:42 AM
Beautiful orange and yellow leaves outside my office window, and I'll be spending my time ... cleaning the basement. Hope to get out for a walk later.
05/Nov/16 1:55 AM
Happy Friday day off before working this weekend.
Kathy: for the heads up about Shosho's Mom...
05/Nov/16 2:07 AM
Cute little granddaughter, but where is that smile.
05/Nov/16 4:45 AM
1:24. Good morning everyone.
05/Nov/16 6:16 AM
Good morning everyone. Looks like it will be a quiet day here today.
05/Nov/16 6:17 AM
Good luck hiding all those presents Kathy.
Our biggest hide was when we bought a half size billiard table. Luckily the legs folded and it slid under our bed.
05/Nov/16 6:20 AM
Good morning.
05/Nov/16 6:38 AM
Love and hugs to shosho.
05/Nov/16 6:39 AM
05/Nov/16 7:13 AM
Very day
05/Nov/16 7:17 AM
for Keith
05/Nov/16 7:18 AM
going out to dinner, yea! no cooking tonight
05/Nov/16 7:19 AM
05/Nov/16 7:19 AM
Shosho, so sorry to hear about your mother.
05/Nov/16 8:18 AM
Good morning all

Condolences to Shosho
05/Nov/16 8:24 AM
Good morning all. Here is today's fore and aft puzzle. I managed 24/26 this time. Your task is to take a row of letters from column D and place it between a pair of letters in columns A and B to make a word used in the English language which is similar in meaning to the word or words in column C. More...
05/Nov/16 8:32 AM
Good afternoon to all! Sharon, I'm sorry to hear the news about your mother's passing. May she rest in peace, and may you remember all the good memories of her that you have.
05/Nov/16 8:42 AM
I can only endorse CG's remarks Sharon.
05/Nov/16 10:20 AM
1:54 Good morning one and all!
Just out for an early morning bike ride and among the bushes on the side of the road were three kangaroos. I naturally slowed down and let them jump across the road. You don't tangle with them big fellas.
05/Nov/16 10:46 AM
They would be Western Reds I guess Anne. I've only tangled with o0ne megapod, a wallaby that hopped down from a bank on the side of the road and into the side of my Morris Minor. It hopped away into the bushes seemingly unharmed. That would have been 1954.
05/Nov/16 11:44 AM
No, I don't think they were Western Reds, Wombat. They were more dark grey, the type we see around here a lot.
05/Nov/16 12:05 PM
Another long, grueling day. But such is life of a retiree.
Whatever... I'm going to bed. Night all.
05/Nov/16 1:22 PM

shosho. May you be able to let go of the bad, and cherish the good
05/Nov/16 2:33 PM
Sorry for your loss, Shosho. You have my deepest condolences.
05/Nov/16 2:48 PM
I was just checking in
05/Nov/16 2:53 PM
but since we are so close................
05/Nov/16 2:53 PM
I think I can............
05/Nov/16 2:53 PM
maybe get us to a new page........
05/Nov/16 2:54 PM
Kangaroos, wallabies are the most stupid of animals on or near roads. They seem to have no road sense at all.

I have seen them stand on the side of the road and watch cars go by then when I get there they jump into the side of me. Like Wombat's experience though, it spun around then just got up and bounced off into the bush. I hope it wasn't hurt too badly.
05/Nov/16 2:54 PM
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