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Easy Sudoku for 23/October/2011


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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Lots of attempts at the poozel with two correct answers.Chris and Jamie with 192.
23/Oct/11 12:00 AM
23/Oct/11 12:00 AM
Good Maen friends!
23/Oct/11 12:01 AM
23/Oct/11 12:02 AM
Good maeN.
23/Oct/11 12:02 AM
I actually have the LP - but it is at 1201!
23/Oct/11 12:03 AM
Looks like a goregous view, Eileen. The sun has not come up here, yet.
23/Oct/11 12:04 AM
Was busy catching up on the posts and not watching the time.
23/Oct/11 12:04 AM
Have been to 2 events tonight.
23/Oct/11 12:04 AM
Dinner with friends before going to the theatre.
23/Oct/11 12:05 AM
Then a short drop-in on a workmate's 59th birthday party.
23/Oct/11 12:06 AM
Can I get the 13 again!
23/Oct/11 12:06 AM
23/Oct/11 12:06 AM
Theatre was The Wharf Revue. Political satire at its best. No politician was safe from parody. There was an item/song featuring Gaddafi. It had been given a clever new ending about his being found in a sewer pipe etc.... and ended with him dancing off saying "I'm dead!".
23/Oct/11 12:08 AM
1:42 Good evening one and all!
23/Oct/11 12:09 AM
23/Oct/11 12:09 AM
And that's why you should only make short posts!
23/Oct/11 12:09 AM

Answers to the " eazy peazy" inbox.

Which of these is the largest number?

1. Half pints in 45 gallons
2. Half inches in 10 yards
3. Half seconds in 6 minutes
23/Oct/11 12:09 AM
The actors in The Wharf Review are so multi-talented.
23/Oct/11 12:10 AM
Sorry CP no LP counts after 12:00
23/Oct/11 12:11 AM
They sing, dance, play musical instruments.....
23/Oct/11 12:12 AM
23/Oct/11 12:12 AM
23/Oct/11 12:13 AM
23/Oct/11 12:13 AM
But you got it.
23/Oct/11 12:13 AM
Enough of this silliness.
23/Oct/11 12:14 AM
I'm off to bed - goodnight!
23/Oct/11 12:14 AM
Yep Thanx for the race.
23/Oct/11 12:14 AM
ME 2
23/Oct/11 12:15 AM
I agree Mr Cee. You got the official LP.

everyone. Sounds like you had a nice night out, CP. Anne, clever how you snuck in there for the #13!
23/Oct/11 12:16 AM
Nice picture. We've got about 30 minutes to wait until our sunrise this morning.
23/Oct/11 12:33 AM
Yes, CP?
23/Oct/11 12:35 AM
A late tea here tonight. I just sat down to eat and my daughter rang, so now I have my dishes to do before going to bed.
23/Oct/11 12:37 AM
I think I'd better buy a new deodorant. It's unusual for the site to crash this time of the northern people's morning.
23/Oct/11 1:14 AM
HalT, Vici, Kathy and Linda are the only ones to have briefly visited so far. A-m-a-z-i-n-g!!! Where are all the chatterboxes?
23/Oct/11 1:21 AM
Well, time I was tucked up in no-one.
23/Oct/11 1:22 AM
A very sad morning in my part of the world - a young man (18) that I know from church and school was arrested for murdering a 68-year-old man just about three blocks from my house two evenings ago.
23/Oct/11 1:58 AM
On a better note, I will actually get to watch my Aggies play football (American, that is) today since the game is being broadcast on one of the few stations I get with my cable package!!
23/Oct/11 1:59 AM
It does seem to be a bit of a slow start this morning - likely due to being Saturday/Sunday I guess.
I had better get busy myself and do something before Jeanie finds worse things to assign me.
23/Oct/11 2:00 AM
Jamie - what a horrible tragedy. Do you know what prompted it?

Something you posted recently (yesterday, I think) indicated that you've come out of retirement. What a bold move!!!
23/Oct/11 2:01 AM
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