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Easy Sudoku for 6/December/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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1:55 Good night one and all!
06/Dec/15 12:14 AM
06/Dec/15 12:36 AM
Thanks, Hal, for pointing out the decimal point yesterday.
06/Dec/15 12:51 AM
06/Dec/15 2:30 AM
The guy on the top has low attention to detail.
06/Dec/15 2:37 AM
wish work was as slow as the site today.......
06/Dec/15 2:57 AM
Don't think so, Keith. Just short fingers.
06/Dec/15 3:02 AM

I'm making a pumpkin cheesecake today. I'll freeze most of it. We're going to see my niece, her husband and their 1 year old daughter next Sat. and she loves cheesecake. So I'll get this ready to take to her and it gives us a really good dessert for Sunday dinner.
06/Dec/15 3:48 AM
06/Dec/15 3:49 AM
Awww, darn, missed my number by a minute! Oh well, another day to face.
where are my manners?
06/Dec/15 3:51 AM
Good afternoon to all! The developing formation of a star. It will shine brightly on Christmas eve.
06/Dec/15 4:31 AM
Unseasonably warm temperatures here for December. Still above zero and that's what's forecast for the rest of the week. We may have a green Christmas.
06/Dec/15 4:32 AM
I dedicate this post to Queen Anne
06/Dec/15 5:30 AM
Thanksgiving is over, so I better change my avatar for a winter scene!
06/Dec/15 5:31 AM
This is how I felt this morning, running in the cold morning weather. But I did get to see the sunrise! Ugh, leaving the house while it's dark is no fun but just after I start light begins to filter through and then the sun pops into view!
06/Dec/15 5:33 AM
Nice finger work today! Love the black and white.
06/Dec/15 5:44 AM
Morning all, Keith and Hal's comments are going to ruin that child for life . 😆
06/Dec/15 6:15 AM
My goodness it is a slow morning.
Greg, my nephew is working in Banf (not sure of spelling) after doing a tour of USA. He is having fun getting used to the cold weather .
06/Dec/15 6:23 AM
06/Dec/15 6:55 AM
06/Dec/15 6:55 AM
One more.
06/Dec/15 6:55 AM
06/Dec/15 6:55 AM

Close, Amelia. There are 2 f's (Banff) One of my favorite stops on our Canada trip. We were told Banff was named after a town in Scotland.

I was off to a charity pancake breakfast this morning. It was held at the Baysox Stadium More...
06/Dec/15 6:56 AM
I was almost gallumped on, again! I really must check the number of posts for my own safety.
06/Dec/15 6:58 AM
Contrary to popular belief, I know how to tread lightly.
06/Dec/15 7:02 AM
Didn't Jaspal used to comment once in a while?
06/Dec/15 7:03 AM
Good morning all.
06/Dec/15 8:25 AM
Three beautifully hot days in a row. Perfect recipe for drying and baling hay. Half is now baled - gunna try to get the other half dealt with this week.
06/Dec/15 8:27 AM
Hubby's off fishing til Tuesday.
06/Dec/15 8:28 AM
1:45 Speaking of stars. NASA discovered the faintest galaxy ever. The byline said that the galaxy was 400 milloion years older than the universe! Qqps!
06/Dec/15 8:43 AM
Amelia, Banff is a beautiful place to visit and very popular, especially with Asian visitors. I hoe he has a chance to visit Jasper as well, as it is a very friendly place too.
06/Dec/15 9:07 AM
Keith, Jaspal hasn't posted for a few years now, but yes, he used to post on and off occasionally.
06/Dec/15 9:09 AM
06/Dec/15 11:50 AM
I haven't been sleeping all this time. But I did sleep until 0730 with an hour up between 0430 and 0530.
06/Dec/15 11:52 AM
We have decided to take the caravan out for a 2 day tryout this week, So I've been busy all morning thinking of things to set it up like towels and crockery and cutlery and kitchen tools....
06/Dec/15 11:55 AM
It should be a fun trip.
06/Dec/15 11:55 AM

My pumpkin cheesecake looks like it might be the best one I've ever made. It's a recipe like the Cheesecake Factory's that was printed in the Houston Chronical in 2008, except I make the crust with half ginger snaps and half graham cracker crumbs plus I add chopped More...
06/Dec/15 11:57 AM
We're only going somewhere about 1 - 1,.5 hours away
To a small pretty country town,

5 for a CP, Wombat!
06/Dec/15 11:58 AM
That's the way we started CP. Don't go too far until you know the van is sorted, or at least go where there are shops.
06/Dec/15 12:25 PM
Your cheesecake sounds delicious Dottie. I hope you all enjoy it.
06/Dec/15 12:26 PM
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