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Easy Sudoku for 20/November/2019


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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1:52 I love seeing old buildings.
Good night all.
20/Nov/19 12:11 AM
20/Nov/19 12:31 AM
Oops! Good Morning, Anne and everyone!
20/Nov/19 12:32 AM
One of many old mid nineteenth century buildings to be found in Ballarat. The town of Ballarat was the centre of the Victorian gold rush and was the location of the Eureka Stockade.
20/Nov/19 12:58 AM
20/Nov/19 1:17 AM
Everybody!! Using my new cpu with Win 10. Quite an adjustment from Win 7.
20/Nov/19 2:00 AM
Oh well, I hope your day has a bit of sunshine!
20/Nov/19 2:15 AM
for Shosho!
20/Nov/19 2:16 AM
for the history info on the photo, aussie!
20/Nov/19 2:18 AM
Were these stats from your recent tournament, Denny?
20/Nov/19 2:19 AM

I am still dragging my feet on the Windows 10, Denny. I know I'll have to make the change eventually, but I'm putting it off a long as possible. I've been thinking about getting a lap top to replace my PC. There would be no More...
20/Nov/19 2:35 AM
I'm with you on the 7-10 issue, Kathy. A friend has 10, and wanted me to help her with some problems. I felt very lost trying to navigate 10.
20/Nov/19 2:47 AM
Shiela - yes they were my embarrassing stats!
20/Nov/19 4:15 AM
Kathy & Keith - My Win7 cpu was starting to fail. Lots of unexpected freezes, etc.
Am still moving stuff from old to new. Can't believe how much junk I've saved over the years!
20/Nov/19 4:17 AM
We've had Windows 10 since January. I'm no tech wizard, but I can't remember any real problems. Then again, I probably had problems and didn't even know it!
20/Nov/19 4:20 AM
Morning all, I don't remember seeing this place when we were in Ballarat but I do remember the beautiful pottery places we visited.
20/Nov/19 4:43 AM
I installed Win 10 and after 2 days of 'not being able to do anything', went back to 7.

I've been looking for any kind of basic win 10 training, but haven't found any help...
20/Nov/19 5:00 AM
You probably already did this, but I Googled ''Win 10 training.'' There are a number of beginners guide videos on Youtube. One site claimed to list classes in Win 10. There were other choices I didn't bother to check out.
20/Nov/19 5:13 AM
I think I better go for it
20/Nov/19 5:13 AM
while I'm here.
20/Nov/19 5:13 AM
20/Nov/19 5:13 AM
& a CP.
20/Nov/19 5:14 AM
Good photo old Ballarat building
20/Nov/19 5:36 AM
Kate for the historic house photo.
20/Nov/19 6:09 AM
20/Nov/19 6:15 AM
20/Nov/19 6:45 AM
1:26. Good morning everyone.
20/Nov/19 8:45 AM
20/Nov/19 11:08 AM
My Windows7 computer died, so I had no choice but to switch to 10 on a new computer. I transferred the contents of my hard drive to the new computer using a cable, since I could not access anything on the old computer. I lost some games I liked to play on 7, and missed Recent so much that I More...
20/Nov/19 1:50 PM
I recommend switching to 10 now, before you are forced to do it:-(
20/Nov/19 1:51 PM
I recommend switching to MacIntosh.
20/Nov/19 3:52 PM
LOL, Wombat!
20/Nov/19 4:24 PM
The fire department in South Australia is switching off electrical power because of catastrophic weather conditions. There are already three out of control bus fires, one of them caused by spontaneous combustion in a pile of manure.
20/Nov/19 4:26 PM
Hi Judy, it is the obvious solution. The fires in SA are bush fires not bus fires, though I would be surprised if some motor vehicles haven't been burnt
20/Nov/19 4:31 PM

Tuesday 19th November.
Wombat – After a long wait we get the Test answers and it looks like we all passed. Teach, suffering from test overload heads for the bar.
DevilOrAngel – We all have to suffer his groaners, even with a warning tag, which, I might More...
20/Nov/19 4:42 PM
Just been out for yet another lunch. Getting to be quite the socialite. They have a micro brewery there and tried one of their Lagers. If you ever see it try Professor's Lager. Lovely and crisp and mine was icy cold
20/Nov/19 5:40 PM
I've had W10 now for about a year. Took a lot of getting used to; I think 7 was far more user friendly. However, we do get used to new processes which eventually become the norm
20/Nov/19 5:42 PM
Cold here today. After a few days of 38/39/40 just getting used to the warmth. Now its down to 22 and blowing a bit of a gale. Rained during the night too. For people like Peter though it will seem like a heat wave.
20/Nov/19 5:46 PM
Ah yes. 22 - 25*, balmy, just balmy!
20/Nov/19 6:36 PM
In surgery for a heart attack, a middle-aged woman has a vision of God by her bedside. “Will I die?” she asks.

God says, “No. You have 30 more years to live.”

With 30 years to look forward to, she decides to make the best of it. Since she’s in the hospital, she gets breast implants, More...
20/Nov/19 6:41 PM
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