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Easy Sudoku for 7/September/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Is anybody else here?
07/Sep/15 7:39 AM
I'm seeing an empty grid.
07/Sep/15 7:40 AM
07/Sep/15 7:40 AM
Might this be my time to make a run for 22?
07/Sep/15 7:41 AM
I see an empty grid, too, Keith.
07/Sep/15 7:41 AM
Nope. I've been discovered. Ah well.
07/Sep/15 7:41 AM
The Kids puzzles have numbers.
07/Sep/15 7:42 AM
You may be exhausted after all that gallumping, but give it a try!

I'm going to send my answers to S'gal! I've been trying all day.
07/Sep/15 7:43 AM
And the rest as well.
07/Sep/15 7:43 AM
& there are the numbers.
07/Sep/15 7:45 AM
Sweet face, Tosca.
07/Sep/15 7:52 AM
Yay! The puzzle's back
07/Sep/15 7:53 AM
What a gorgeous dog. Is it one of Heidi's? I don't remember that name, but she's had soooo many!
Okay, I've had my sudoku fix. Now I have to go fix dinner.
07/Sep/15 7:57 AM
Yea!!! Wooohooo!
07/Sep/15 8:00 AM
Speaking of Heidi, where is she hiding? I'm wolrried she is unwell. Does anybody know?
07/Sep/15 8:03 AM
Morning all, Tosca looks to be a gentle soul.
Slow start to the day waiting for the site to load. 👍
07/Sep/15 8:03 AM
Good Morning.
07/Sep/15 8:04 AM
Sunshine already here, though we are meant to be having a rainy day.
07/Sep/15 8:07 AM
I have to go out so I'd better go and hop in the shower.
07/Sep/15 8:08 AM
But I'll gallump once to help Keith.
07/Sep/15 8:09 AM
07/Sep/15 8:20 AM
07/Sep/15 8:21 AM
Was the site down at change over????
07/Sep/15 8:45 AM
G'day all.
07/Sep/15 8:46 AM
I have tried most of the day to sign on.
07/Sep/15 8:47 AM
07/Sep/15 8:48 AM
Well you got there Keith with 'A little help from your friends'. I can't find any musical smilies to go with this so .
07/Sep/15 8:49 AM
07/Sep/15 8:50 AM
Yes it was, Sue. I had the last post yesterday, and immediately tried to get first today. To no avail...

I thought I broke something.
07/Sep/15 8:50 AM
Hal to answer your ? from a few days ago 49. No where as long as you and the saint.
07/Sep/15 8:52 AM
thank god! The puzzle is back! I thought it was just me! I was going through withdrawal....thought i would have to break with my Sunday tradition and start cleaning the house early....now wouldn't that have sucked!
07/Sep/15 9:06 AM
Good start, Sue.
07/Sep/15 9:16 AM
Cake Lady, have you considered therapy?
07/Sep/15 9:46 AM
Therapy??? I'm not licensed to give anyone therapy!
07/Sep/15 10:04 AM
Good evening people of the world.
07/Sep/15 10:16 AM
I was getting so worried. Tragedy struck and I had horrible thoughts of going into that room and preparing food. I did whip up some salsa. Also thoughts of doing domestic stuff entered my mind. I went and took a three hour nap and nipped those thoughts in the bud.
07/Sep/15 10:19 AM
Evening Karen.
07/Sep/15 10:20 AM
Sue and Harry, and Sacky and Reg happy anniversary. As Sacky said yesterday Man and I are celebrating right along with you.
07/Sep/15 10:21 AM
We are having a weekend celebration. Last night just Man and I went out for dinner. Today, the girls brought us flowers and a cupcake cake. The cupcakes are shaped in a football and say Tigers on them. It all makes sense.
Then tomorrow K is taking us out for dinner. So far it is a secret. Whether it is a secret from just me or if Man knows is still a mystery.
07/Sep/15 10:24 AM
Bye bye page one.
07/Sep/15 10:24 AM
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