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Easy Sudoku for 8/September/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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What's up with the site? Got that redirecting loop situation again today.
08/Sep/15 7:13 AM
I can't imagine wanting to go that fast.
08/Sep/15 7:15 AM
I'm going to skip the puzzle today since it is so late and I'm not sure how many people will keep checking to see if the site is up. Do I hear a collective sigh of relief from all the non math people?
08/Sep/15 7:17 AM
Good morning Dottie and Serena and any who follow.
08/Sep/15 7:17 AM
Sorry for the site being down AGAIN!

It should be fine tomorrow.

08/Sep/15 7:18 AM
Good morning to you, Sacky!
08/Sep/15 7:18 AM
Thanks Gath.
08/Sep/15 7:19 AM
Thanks for your help, Gath.
08/Sep/15 7:19 AM
08/Sep/15 7:21 AM
Thank you, Gath! You don't know what it does to my system when I don't have my daily dose of sudoku. Other sites, okay, but this one is a must for me!!!
08/Sep/15 7:22 AM
And, we're back! Thanks, Gath!
08/Sep/15 7:23 AM
all! I'm not sure I would be all that comfortable going from 0 to 270 in 5.35 seconds in a vehicle that looks like THAT.
08/Sep/15 7:32 AM
08/Sep/15 7:34 AM
G'day all, and thanks Gath.
08/Sep/15 7:49 AM
I'll add my Gath.
08/Sep/15 8:10 AM
Morning all, so we had troubles again today and I missed it by waiting till the golf finished. Well done Ricky Fowler .
08/Sep/15 8:43 AM
As you are aware, the site was down for several hours yesterday and today. After my trying to access the site several times, I decided to contact Gath *and again today), but I thought the problem might have already been reported. Please read the following:
From: More...
08/Sep/15 8:44 AM
We are the proud to announce the birth of another Great Grandson . Torryn was born yesterday a brother for Bridei.
08/Sep/15 8:47 AM
Congrats, Amelia.
08/Sep/15 9:12 AM
Congratulations, Amelia & family.
08/Sep/15 9:17 AM
Close enough.
08/Sep/15 9:18 AM
08/Sep/15 9:18 AM
WOW..page 1..

Hooley dooley.. haven't been here for a while...

Have a good one everybody
08/Sep/15 9:24 AM
BTW... well done Keith..
08/Sep/15 9:26 AM
Thanks Gath. It's happy hour in Alberta so I think I will settle for a double dose of Sudoku tomorrow.
08/Sep/15 9:56 AM
little Torryn. Congratulations to all, Amelia. I'm sure Bridei will be a wonderful big brother.
08/Sep/15 10:16 AM
Congratulations Amelia and family!
08/Sep/15 10:27 AM
And Greg for posting instructions for getting in touch with Gath.
08/Sep/15 10:31 AM
Night all.
08/Sep/15 12:09 PM

Good thing I worked today, so missed the site's downtime.
08/Sep/15 12:09 PM
Sarah Beth, on the first of your 2 day birthday.
08/Sep/15 12:14 PM
Well....it's partly fixed. I'd like to complete the 'Medium' puzzle but it flips me right back to easy. Has anyone else tried this?
08/Sep/15 12:50 PM
Yes, Chalkboard, it is happening to me. I'm also waiting to be upgraded to supporting member though I applied and wrote a cheque at the end of July. The cheque has not been processed.
08/Sep/15 1:05 PM
Send Gath an email Wombat
08/Sep/15 1:46 PM
Chalkboard, medium is working now!!! Just finished it!
08/Sep/15 2:11 PM
I think before I say good night, I must turn the page!!!
08/Sep/15 2:11 PM
Looking around doesn't seem anyone else will challenge me!!!
08/Sep/15 2:12 PM
Must build up speed . . .
08/Sep/15 2:12 PM
Getting there . . .
08/Sep/15 2:12 PM
08/Sep/15 2:13 PM
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