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Easy Sudoku for 9/July/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Slow day today.
09/Jul/15 12:04 AM
OK, where is everybody?
09/Jul/15 12:36 AM
Watchin' the cricket!
09/Jul/15 12:51 AM
09/Jul/15 1:03 AM
Hmmm - interesting photo!?! Not only is the site slow, that puzzle was slow-going too! Have a wonderful day folks........
09/Jul/15 1:14 AM
Good morning Wolf, BYOM, Keith and Joyce.

Your not kidding when you say its slow here tonight Wolf!!!
09/Jul/15 1:23 AM

Thought Keith might of been close to his magic number by now...............got a way to go to even get half way to it!!
09/Jul/15 1:23 AM

Im off to do the medium, will be back in 10 minutes or so if Im lucky!
09/Jul/15 1:24 AM
Weird day! For me the Easy was more trouble than the Medium. Actually, Medium for last two days has been very easy.
09/Jul/15 1:33 AM
Anyone have an ''update'' on CP?
09/Jul/15 1:38 AM

I agree with Denny, two easy puzzles today. Got the medium done in double quick time for me (not that Im telling what that time was
09/Jul/15 1:51 AM
Strange photo today. Hippos an d Christmas don't seem to go together.
09/Jul/15 2:21 AM
Good afternoon to all! ''Grandma got run over by a hippo, trying to celebrate Christmas Day!''
09/Jul/15 2:25 AM
, y'all! I'm wondering who decorates a hippo for Christmas...?!
09/Jul/15 2:26 AM
Joke time:

A married couple was lying in bed together. Suddenly she felt his hand on her shoulder. She murmured gently, “Ah… nice.”
His hand moved to her breast. She grew more excited, “Sweetie, that’s wonderful.”
His hand moved to her leg. She moaned, “Honey, don’t stop!”
But then More...
09/Jul/15 2:28 AM
Well, even though it's slow, I'll post a poozle in Kathy's absence. 10 9-letter words have been cut up into chunks. What are they? Answers to my 'Healthy Eating' inbox.



First letters are M, E, N, V, D, U, P, H, L, and M.
09/Jul/15 2:29 AM
Ugh... let me redo that!!!

Well, even though it's slow, I'll post a poozle in Kathy's absence. 10 9-letter words have been cut up into chunks. What are they? Answers to my 'Healthy Eating' inbox.

NUT EFI More...
09/Jul/15 2:35 AM
Happy Wednesday day off!
09/Jul/15 2:36 AM
Considering the pace today
09/Jul/15 3:08 AM
I should be able to do a leisurely stroll
09/Jul/15 3:09 AM
to the promised land.
09/Jul/15 3:09 AM
09/Jul/15 3:09 AM
Did you get it?
09/Jul/15 3:10 AM
Yes you did!
09/Jul/15 3:10 AM
Good I actually did something more like a leisurely hustle.
09/Jul/15 3:20 AM
Morning all, a hippo Christmas tree. 👀😱
Couldn't sleep so I got p to watch the cricket .
09/Jul/15 3:44 AM
DOA, CP was still in hospital on her birthday.
09/Jul/15 3:47 AM

Evidently, there is a song called 'I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas' by various artists
09/Jul/15 4:13 AM

I sure was sorry to hear about CP's fall off her bike. On TOS she said she fell about 1 1/2 meters onto concrete and stone. It must be pretty bad since she said she'll be in the hospital at least another week. I do hope she's starting to feel better and they can control the pain.
09/Jul/15 5:06 AM
1:30. Good morning everyone.
09/Jul/15 6:27 AM
all. We are back home. Had a nice time in Charlotte.
09/Jul/15 6:35 AM
Wishing you a speedy recovery, CP.
09/Jul/15 6:37 AM
It was a good night last night at the Gang Show. Laura was in the 'chorus' so was in a lot of the items. The best item was when the male scout leaders dressed in tutus and did Swan Lake. It was hilarious! They had done a lot of practice as some of it was very good.
09/Jul/15 9:29 AM
09/Jul/15 10:26 AM
This week I attended my first yoga lesson and my first Tai Chi lesson. It was great. I especially fell in love with the mirrored walls of the Tai Chi classroom! I actually looked skinny!!! I want so badly to take that mirror home!!!
09/Jul/15 10:27 AM
Then I went to two evenings of Obon practice (harvest street dancing) Amazed about how much I remembered! And then the instructor had to introduce two new dances. That evened out my ego!
09/Jul/15 10:29 AM
Well, well, well. Will you look at my timing!!!
09/Jul/15 10:30 AM
Getting close . . .
09/Jul/15 10:30 AM
Doesn't appear to have anyone else around to compete with me!!!
09/Jul/15 10:31 AM
09/Jul/15 10:31 AM
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