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Easy Sudoku for 10/July/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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10/Jul/15 12:00 AM
... a half hour later ...
10/Jul/15 12:30 AM
How about 'Hello World! I have arrived' as a comment for the picture.
10/Jul/15 12:30 AM
Rain, Rain, Go AWAY!

(Can you tell what the weather is like here!?!)
10/Jul/15 12:38 AM
DoA - At least you didn't hurt yourself, other than pride, in your fall. Had you been on your bicycle, you might have ended up in the hospital like CP. I'm glad you're okay.
10/Jul/15 12:41 AM
My new granddaughter, Imogen Rose is now 8 days old. I'm now of the opinion that sleep is something to cherish and I'll never again take it for granted...
10/Jul/15 12:52 AM
hope whoever has the 3rd fall escapes with either no or only minor injuries.
10/Jul/15 1:09 AM
fellow puzzlers hope all is well in your world (and wish CP and DoA's head a speedy recovery!) and if its not (for everyone else) may it be on the improve soon.
10/Jul/15 1:24 AM
Who says ''nobody looks at yesterdays posts''. I survived, relatively, unscathed. No visible injury and no pain. Where I was, if on a bicycle, I might have tangled with a wire fence.
10/Jul/15 1:39 AM
My caption suggestion - Oh, Wow, Man! Look At That!
10/Jul/15 1:40 AM
With that it's off to 'town' (150 mile round trip) for a RV water heater and toilet. Always something on an older caravan.
10/Jul/15 1:43 AM
everyone fro beautiful So. Oregon
10/Jul/15 1:44 AM

Hitting his head when DoA fell was not quiet what I had in mind with my comment about a sore head but he is 'on the road' so better hope he makes it safely.
10/Jul/15 1:53 AM
Grasshopper, hope you enjoy your day doing what you like most.
10/Jul/15 1:54 AM

Getting there Keith.......
10/Jul/15 1:54 AM

Does anyone know whats happen to Karen? she sure can speed the site along (in a nice way of course!)
10/Jul/15 1:56 AM
Good afternoon to all! My caption for the photo: ''You mean I'm supposed to eat that mouse!''
10/Jul/15 2:07 AM
You have to love the Irish.

An Irishman walking along the beach found a bottle lying in the sand. He picked it up, brushed it off, and out popped a genie. “Since you have freed me from this bottle, I will grant you three wishes.”
The More...
10/Jul/15 2:11 AM
Good morning people of the world.
10/Jul/15 2:14 AM
Thanks Lizzy.
I am here and observing when I can. I refuse to walk on my floors for at least 45 to 60 minutes at the moment, so I am here.
And guess what I plan to do?
10/Jul/15 2:16 AM
Think I have caught up on the past few days chit chat. And I do not plan on following suit. I keep saying play and win the lottery, since we do tend to copy each other.
10/Jul/15 2:17 AM
To our dear, dear Keith.
10/Jul/15 2:18 AM
I could see this in a children's picture book labeled ''surprise''.
10/Jul/15 2:19 AM
Anybody want Monday's answers?
10/Jul/15 2:21 AM
After 6 weeks of extra people in the house and two weeks of having the girls home, and two weeks of Man updating the house, this week has been dedicated in getting this place in order again. Grandma has all her grandchildren, but two, and one addition, so now I have ensured myself, that for the next 4 days I will have a presentable house.
10/Jul/15 2:21 AM

The smallest birthday number is 2, as in 1.1 and 10.1.

The second smallest birthday number is 3, as in 1.2, 1.11, 1.20, 2.1, 2.10, 10.2, 10.11, 10.20, 11.1, 11.10.

In the More...
10/Jul/15 2:23 AM
Chayote, enjoy what sleep you are getting now, because I think I slept more when they were 8 days old, than I do now that they are 9 and 6 years.
Don't think Serena would agree with me at the moment. But at least when they were days old, they slept in a bed with bars, now they know how to get More...
10/Jul/15 2:25 AM
Beginning with 'ig', add letters from the given pool to create a eight-letter word for 'a kitchen activity'. Do not rearrange the letters as you go. Two letters are added at step 4.

Pool: P H C N O P

1. IG
2. _ _ _
3. _ _ _ _
4. _ _ _ _ _ _
5. _ _ _ _ _ _ _
6. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Answers to my ''FPA'' inbox please
10/Jul/15 2:27 AM
CP and D or A, could you not find something else to do? Really, scratching lottery tickets is safe. The worse that could happen is that you get a paper cut.
Just saying.
10/Jul/15 2:28 AM
Grass-hopper and Carmel, hope you are having a spectacular day, along with Lizbaby4.
10/Jul/15 2:29 AM
Sorry for the late answers. Elijah's camp this week has gotten me off schedule. Since I already have everyone packed up, we've been hitting a park after we drop him off. Little Girl and Little boy have been opting out of Sesame Street which used to be my time.
10/Jul/15 2:30 AM
I'm neutral on the sleep thing. There are nights when baby girl causes major sleep disruptions because she is wide awake after eating and there are nights when the others ones are the culprits.
10/Jul/15 2:32 AM
I cannot stop looking at my lovely floors, with the only thing on them is paw prints. BTW, my darlings are not talking to me at the moment. Kitties really hate having a presentable house and so does Shelby, but that is not why she is not talking to me. I gave her a scrub down too and then would not let her go out with me, when I took my favorite men of the week, their last offering.
10/Jul/15 2:32 AM
BTW Serena, do not feel alone on not knowing what day it is. Man asked me last Thursday about putting out our flag decorations. I told him it was too soon. Then Friday, I asked him if he was going to put the flags out for the weekend celebration. Could not understand why I got a strange look.
10/Jul/15 2:37 AM
Here is a topic. Reality television.
Whose reality is it?
I can honestly say, I have never in my entire life gone on a date naked, nor during a date have I been naked.
The closest reality show to my reality, is Big Brother. Constant chaos.
(Just saw a commercial for the dating naked show).
10/Jul/15 2:41 AM
Man is still working on our bath and vanity area. I really thought this would be a weekend project, not going on three weeks. Granted he is only working on those rooms on his days off and when the girls do not have activities, but I still do not understand this three week thing. Yes, I have offered to help and have helped when he is not around, but apparently I did whatever wrong.
10/Jul/15 2:44 AM
Two years ago Man told me to decide what color, (singular) to do these rooms. I picked out two colors, one for the walls and one for the trim. For the last 24 months, he has repeated the request. I have had he samples taped to the back of the door of the cabinet. Then when decided I might know what More...
10/Jul/15 2:48 AM
He decided he liked the very light gray for the walls and the slightly darker gray for the cabinets, but keeps asking what color the trim should be. I do not think he likes the light charcoal I picked for the trim. Which all these colors blend into the bedroom colors. This might be the cause of the relief room and vanity room not being completed.
10/Jul/15 2:51 AM
I really was not planning to sit here this long, but I really did not want to walk on my floors. But my tummy is telling me that dinner was a long time ago. The machines are telling me they are finished with their task. And nature is telling me it is finished with its pot of coffee and is ready to return it and I should not talk about the relief room.
10/Jul/15 2:53 AM
Bye bye page one.
10/Jul/15 2:54 AM
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