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Medium Sudoku for 1/November/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Am enjoying the tour of Nova Scotia!
How cute!
Watch out for that cat!!!
Whew! It got caught in the mud.
8:24 very slow and stuffed it all up.
Tried four or five times to comment but kept getting kicked out.
I hope the ducks can see the cat slinking up behind them. Perhaps a big wave will come in and the ducks will fly off. Oh, poor little kitty, I don't suppose you can swim!!
6:48 Good Maen! This is a really dirty beach, bottle included.
Well Done, Low Tide...
Quack ick quack
That puzzle was a bit tricky for me :-/
3:56 MAEN! Waddle waddle waddle quaaaack!
Looks like our marina did last week after the wind blew out of the west for a week. Any boats still in the water were in the mud. The ducks were happy though.
Happy Halloween for those still on October 31.
6.31 super sppedy today
Happy Halloween! I'm wondering what other countries observe Halloween (All Hallow's Eve) and what their traditions might be. I'm going to make a Jack-o'-lantern by carving a face in a pumpkin, pass out Halloween treats to the neighborhood children, who come 'trick-or-treat'ing in costume. My mantel is decorated with Halloween candles.
Did these move back an hour now? We changed time but the puzzle seemed to move back 2 hours??

3:19 Maen
Fred, We moved back for our fall and Australia moved forward for their spring.
6:35 Nice to have Dan serenading us again.
Maen!5:27 Having a good day. I also enjoy the pictures from N.S. - used to live there for six years in back in the eighties. Beautiful grounds, maybe I'll go trough some of my old pictures.
somebody needs a bath
or maybe theyare in cistume for tonight Halloween
Maen all
Love the ducks. Is that yesterday's super-flex cat napping on the rock? Anne, she may not be able to swim but will most likely bounce and twirl and flex her way out of her muddy predicament.
The puzzle was easy today as duck soup.
5:40 Hi to all.
Good puzzles today! Anyone try the new Japanese pumpkins yet? That's what they are calling them here. They are green with orange stripes. The seeds inside are hull-less and really delicious roasted.
That cat can't be much of a hunter if it let all those ducks go by.
For Halloween, I'm going as 'A boy named Su Doku'. My apologies to Johnny Cash. I have a cowboy hat, sudoku shirt and pants and sudoku grids on a bill board. Of course the verse has to go --
He threw down his knife and I threw down gun.
I called him pa and called me son.
I picked a six and he picked a two.
And we came away with a different point of view.

I lived in Des Moines, Iowa, for a while and they had a fun tradition for Halloween. Instead of the traditional 'trick or treat', the children had to tell a joke. Watching these little children try to recite a joke and then waiting for our laughs was really fun, even if I couldn't always understand their pronounciation.
j, anne & shruti...I agree about the cat on the left side of the picture. That's the first thing I noticed.
3:36..70 and overcast here today in the great Southern USA
looks like the avon river in which i used to play, while keeping one eye on the returning tides.
Good afternoon to all! Wolfville used to be called Mud Creek. The tides come and go twice a day, and there is a tidal bore there that creates a phenomena where rivers reverse their flow direction twice daily. A beautiful spot for ducks and cats alike!
Surely in a town called Wolfville it's not the cats that worry the ducks.
So Haloween was last night! It seems to have been going for at least a week in these chats. It's another perfect day in canberra without a drop of rain in sight.
8:33 looks a bit muddy
hope they dont get stuck in the mud
have a great day/night one and all
that was a little toughie today
Great pic and found the puzzle quite easy today, maybe I am getting better
Goodday all,have a great one, nice pic
mAen everyone, Ditto on the cat Anne, did a double take to see if it was about to pounce but then I saw the wave come in and all is well. Love the way you train your cats Anne, not teaching them to swim is very interesting. lol
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