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Medium Sudoku for 1/September/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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5:24 Maen I still hate it when the congrats box pops up and will not go away...forced to close the window and start over
Is that the same kitten from 'Easy'?
The kitten must clean up after his nap! Cute.
4:49 I can't beleive there aren't more comments yet.
Cute picture.
7:25 sweet little kitty
Adorable kitty
What's with all the cats yesterday and today? Not that I don't like cats. Maen all.
Is that a Scottish Fold?
'got ya!'
Cute kitty. Great picture, too. Easy puzzle, although I messed it up.
Again too embarassed about time; but what an absolutely beautiful kitty-kitty!!!!! On to Hard. Hopefully I won't screw up on possibilities and it won't be as hard!!!
13:50 ~ work is such a distraction!

Same thing happened to me, Fred. I had to close Internet Explorer and start over.
3:48 Starting to look like a cat day here...
Oops!forgot to start the clock! That is an adorable picture of a kitty!
Is that a Scottish Fold or an American Curl?
Good mAen to all! Another kitten! Must be 'the day of the cat'??
6:23 Beautiful kitten. Can I have him?
cute little kitty cat
have a great day/night one and all
that was so easy i haven't done any easy ones before i was hopiong they would be hard but the tough one was easy next time make them harder please thanks tammie
Thanks for the kitten pictures, they are great, The neighbor boy's were just by the house with their Golden Retreiver puppy, very cute also and loveable.
have a great day.
Cute cat! it looks so innocent now, but wait till its a few months older!
11.54 quite poor
11:09 laborious
Hi Y'all.
5.48 Seems I'm the only one to appreciate this site.
I've heard of a scottish fold but never an american curl
no comment needed for this pic
cute Maen all
6:46 Hi to all. Lovely kitten!
xdzarbmf qasdmi qcan bolhv befyphzc oqspthdvx oxgbdyick
06/Jun/07 10:25 PM
yaqjvhxw horavzj gqflrtaw uirqs qdspg fkstjimrv gvphrci http://www.umefvxjg.hdbzs.com
06/Jun/07 10:25 PM
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