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Medium Sudoku for 10/May/2008


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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4:13 to you all.
10/May/08 12:13 AM
Also a brilliant jigsaw.

Looks more like a river bed than a beach!

Sorry ...
10/May/08 12:19 AM
I agree with that, Kate.
10/May/08 12:30 AM
Big sand on that beach!
10/May/08 12:49 AM
Looks like the "lovely, soft sand" on the beach at Nice, France! Ouch!
10/May/08 12:52 AM
If only they could talk - What tales they would tell.
10/May/08 12:53 AM
2:30 Maen! Not a beach for strolling in bare feet... :)
10/May/08 12:57 AM
Colorful rock and yes, Aunti Di, I agree with you!
10/May/08 12:58 AM
Sorry, couldn't resist!
10/May/08 12:59 AM
If you're going to that beach, wear your sandals and bring an air mattress to lay on.
10/May/08 1:06 AM
sorry to lie on!
10/May/08 1:08 AM
Lay ... lie ... I think it all depends upon what you're doing there on the beach ...
10/May/08 1:22 AM
Yes, I concur--ouch! Nice to look at a rocky beach, but not much good for strolling, or sitting, (or whatever else Judy might be thinking!)
10/May/08 2:13 AM
Tough jigsaw!
10/May/08 2:45 AM
maen all! nature's rock tumbler at work. could make nice aquarium base.
10/May/08 3:26 AM
Anyone want their own personal beach???? Pleeeeaaaasssseee! Its free to the taking!
(We've got a whole bunch of potential beach under our deck and we have to get them out before next week when the builders come to tear the deck off & set the foundation for our new room!)
10/May/08 3:57 AM
10/May/08 4:20 AM
10/May/08 5:01 AM
I was in Brighton many years ago and I see the "pebble beach" is still as rocky as ever. Judy, I was in Nice last year and also enjoyed the "lovely, soft sand" off Promenade des Anglais.
10/May/08 6:11 AM
So different to our Aussie sandy beaches. I love the colour of these 'pebbles' which are not as big as the ones at Nice.
10/May/08 6:36 AM
I always wondered why my Father (who was English) always wore sandals to the beach!!!
10/May/08 7:33 AM
Judy...you wouldn'tbe thinking about any thing we've talked about you being involved in in your youth are you????? Wondering minds want to know.....spill......lol
10/May/08 9:36 AM
Mamacita, are you betraying a confidence?? Sand ... yes ... rocks ... no ...
10/May/08 9:38 AM
4.00 tough walking on that sand
10/May/08 9:45 AM
Now now everyone there has got to be sand under those pebbles otherwise what is holding them up.LOL
10/May/08 1:10 PM
Probably more rocks Amelia. Sorry I did not try to build any sand castles.
10/May/08 1:33 PM
5.19 I have trouble enough with getting sand in my swimmers...those rocks terrify me!!!
10/May/08 3:13 PM
4:13. I think I was there when I was about 6!
10/May/08 5:20 PM
4:20 The sea will grind them smooth in a couple millennia?
10/May/08 9:15 PM
Wonderful, June. I remember it now!
11/May/08 11:50 PM
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