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Medium Sudoku for 11/December/2012


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Somebody's cutie!
11/Dec/12 12:21 AM
So cute we get to see you 2 days in a row...I'd go for a third!
11/Dec/12 12:24 AM
he's even prettier today but I suspect it's just my perspective... ;)
11/Dec/12 1:04 AM
Loving face, indeed.
11/Dec/12 1:36 AM
maen all! hey, i know you...caution you apple users...seems the town of mildura down under is misplaced on apple GPS by about 50 miles...people are getting lost in the desert outback in 100+(f) temps and not even the authorities can get to them by road or helicopter!
11/Dec/12 2:22 AM
11/Dec/12 2:44 AM
Okay, I haven't lost my cookies. . .we did see the cutie pie yesterday! For a while I thought yesterday was today!
11/Dec/12 3:23 AM
11/Dec/12 3:24 AM
I certainly won't be letting the person who did the colour co-ordination decorate my home.
black, white, purple sky and aqua !!!!!!!!!
11/Dec/12 10:03 AM
3:40 Evening All.
11/Dec/12 6:33 PM
Bit harsh saylz... the aqua tags (one of them council) are ok with the black and white. Tthe purple of the collar .... well she's so tiny I just have to take whatever I can get to fit her. The purple bow was chosen by the groomer - I would have no chance of getting a bow in her hair. xx
11/Dec/12 6:57 PM
3:16. Good evening all.
11/Dec/12 8:57 PM
Hi Lori,
That's one way to get you to ''own up'' !
Now we know that she IS a 'she' and we all love her regardless of the comments and the colours.
You say she is tiny - what is her breeding ?
Long haired Chuhua (I know that is not spelled correctly, but I'm sure you know what I mean ?
11/Dec/12 10:37 PM
13/Dec/12 6:30 AM
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