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Medium Sudoku for 11/July/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Nice dog pic.
Well Done, Nice Nap
7:56 Slow mousing compounded by mistakes in possibilities makes for a slow time! SLeepy dog reminds me of me this morning...
Good Maen to all! Referring to mt comment on Easy, I guess this is a dog day for pictures!! Guess I'll have to move on and see what the next two puzzles have to offer!
I was slow too, Dan. And I know how the dog in the picture feels.
7:52 Maen
This dogs in the wromg place. He's not a border collie.
9:23 Was slow today. Hi to all. Schultz looks how I feel right now!
good Maen from Chicago 7:07
8:43. Nice cool floor for the dog. We're having another heat wave here so my mind is thinking that way!
5:56 G'day, all
Has anyone seen Ian today? He usually posts first with the weather report. Not that it has anything to do with the southern hemisphere.
I hope Ed and Kathy are recuperating.
Has Mickey had her baby yet? Boy/girl? Weight?
To Gath from Sudoku.com
Thanks for the blanks. I, too, have been meaning to make myself a page of blanks to use with sudokus I've messed up or ones from our daily newspaper. U saved me the bother. G'day :)
5:21 slooooow on this one today. I had to double check that I was really on the medium puzzle.
12:23. Here a dog, there a dog everywhere a dog dog.
A suggestive photo - time for a siesta perhaps!
5:21 is slow?!!! wow, i'm new...21:06
Good Maen A little bit of rain over night for the paddocks.
You rock, Gerald - I'm supurbly slow too! 14:58
I know what you mean Gerald! I used to think I was pretty fast...now I'm humbled. How do you all do these so fast?
Looks like that alien-robot-Dalek thingy killed the dog!!
8.54 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Schultz sure gets around. How many countries has he been to?
hard puzzle. is dog dead?
LOL Nurn - I was going to say that!
Gerald, some of the extra-fast times people post aren't what they look like - sometimes people don't include 'set-up', whatever that means. I did one in 7 and a bit minutes once, starting right from the beginning, but usually if I time at all it's round about More...
a slow 17:44 don't know what happened have done better before.
schultz is on holidays
have a great day/night one and all
7:43 I think I'm getting the hang of this.
13:02 a slow day today, had to restart it all :{
Is Schultz part of the art installation?
9:28 Schultz is a great dog. He does get around.
4.43 - Schultz again!!
maEn all
at 10:48 I must be on shut down. 8 hours on united air can do that to you
00:04:08. I have never done a medium this fast. Just over 4 minutes is great. I don't normally time myself and know it is around 8-10 mins usually for me. I don't know what set up and that is, I normally just jump straight in.
mAen everyone
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