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Medium Sudoku for 12/February/2008


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Good Maen to everyone.
12/Feb/08 12:17 AM
5:54 instead of the old Pat Boone song, "Love Letters in the Sand", it's scribbles on the tree. No though.
12/Feb/08 12:19 AM
It's those insects again.
12/Feb/08 12:30 AM
4.57 Scribbly Gum
12/Feb/08 12:33 AM
12/Feb/08 12:41 AM
Good Morning all. A tree trunk?
12/Feb/08 12:46 AM
thanks, Ian! Hello everyone.
12/Feb/08 12:52 AM
Easy One ,Hard to comment.
Good mAen to all.
12/Feb/08 1:07 AM
A Scribbly Gum tree? Is that really a type of tree in Australia? Interesting.
12/Feb/08 1:26 AM
Worse handwriting I've ever seen!!!
12/Feb/08 1:58 AM
Wow! There really is a Scribbly Gum tree! Cool tree! (Thanks, Google!)
12/Feb/08 2:31 AM
4:55 Hi to all.
12/Feb/08 2:53 AM
3:03 Maen! The first thing I thought to say was "Scribble Tree", and now I see that there IS such a thing? Cool!
12/Feb/08 3:34 AM
that looks like SPALTING to me
it is a condition that happens in Silver Maple
after it is cut down
it is a form of dry rot and is very beautiful in wood grain and furniture
12/Feb/08 3:38 AM
it is only visible in board form
not in the bark , like here
12/Feb/08 3:39 AM
12/Feb/08 3:46 AM
12/Feb/08 5:16 AM
Hi, another lost comment. It is a Scribbly Gum, a tree native to Australia. The 'scribbles' are made by a small grub, the lava of a tiny moth. I took this photo during a bush walk. It has been on before. (Well picked Kate)
12/Feb/08 5:23 AM
Good afternoon to all! Your photos keep reappearing Ian as everyone enjoys seeing them.
12/Feb/08 5:43 AM
12/Feb/08 6:48 AM
12/Feb/08 6:50 AM
6:11. Good Maen to All.
12/Feb/08 7:27 AM
12/Feb/08 7:29 AM
Does anyone know where I could find a Scribbly Gum font for my daughter's birthday invitations?
12/Feb/08 8:01 AM
Kate you could make one up!
12/Feb/08 8:27 AM
Thanks Greg.
12/Feb/08 8:54 AM
5:44 to you folks.
12/Feb/08 9:38 AM
Great name! Scribbly Gum. I love the Australian names for things...
12/Feb/08 9:38 AM
Kate (LC), the nearest I can find is called 'Handwriting Dakota'. Do you have it?
12/Feb/08 9:43 AM
Joe B, hope you see this. I keep getting here too late.
Have a wongerful day.
12/Feb/08 9:54 AM
3.17 still scribbling!
12/Feb/08 10:02 AM
Kate (LC) There is a site that has zillions of fonts and as far as I can see they are free. Try
12/Feb/08 10:28 AM
Kate: I'm forever blowing bubbles.
12/Feb/08 10:30 AM
That's what I love about this site - it makes me find out about things. Google told me all about scribbly gums including the fact that they are a known food source for koalas and yellow-bellied gliders! Thanks Ian.
12/Feb/08 10:33 AM
Kate, I think you should be thanking google.
We had a scribbly gum in the front garden of the first house I bought (in Canberra). It was an elegant tree and one of my favourites. Unfortunately, you can't show both the tree and the scribbles in the one photo because it is such a large tree. So scribbles it is!
12/Feb/08 11:38 AM
Thanks Ian, haven't seen that photo before.
12/Feb/08 1:30 PM
If anyones interested, I've finally posted a You Tube: Billy Holliday singing "Autumn in New York".
12/Feb/08 2:19 PM
Did them all today.
12/Feb/08 3:34 PM
3 yr old insists its a tshirt????????
12/Feb/08 4:58 PM
Does this scribbling kill or hurt the tree?
12/Feb/08 4:59 PM
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