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Medium Sudoku for 13/November/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Well Done, Nice Jockey
The Lone Ranger!
Good morning to all! Just horsing around and having fun doing it!!
Maen all
does this horsey droll ?sp
Looks like he's riding in suburbia rather than at a farm judging from the houses and driveway. Wouldn't my girls like to have their own horse in our yard!
JAMES SCANLON FROM PA: I was expressing sarcasm in my comment yesterday, James. My intent was to remind the oldies that childhood has regrettably lost its innocence.
3:33 a fast time by my standards
Ride em cowboy/girl I thought it was a girl???

The horse appears to be in motion, while the rider exudes confidence with a smile and a one-handed grip on the rein.
have a great day/night one and all
I have to brag: 4:44!
4:44 Nice scarves on both horse and rider. Since my post on easy talking about the warm weather here in Sydney it has changed to rain and a thunderstorm!! Still very warm, though.
12.22 - and I had to make a lot of guesses!
Enthusiastic rider on a beautiful horse, which has the dish face of an Arab. The saddle isn't our common American Western. Where was this photo taken, and who is the lucky young equestrian?
How come you lot take 4mins and i just get it finished in my lunchHOUR???? Won't touch the timer for a while yet.
Every girls dream is to have her own Pony, lucky girl/boy, I think it is a girl as well.
ROSE from Sydney, Yep got up this morning and could barely breath the air was so hot, 2 hours later we were almost blown an extra klm inland, and now torrential rain. I am 3 hrs north of Sydney.
Howdy cowgirl, what's your name and that of your horse, great pic.
Michael, which part of Oz are you from? Dont worry it took me ages to get my times down. Sometimes I dont bother with the timer either. I always get easy, hard, & tough done faster than I can do mediums. Been doing them almost 2 years and thats the way it has always been. I certainly dont get why mediums take me so long as it doesnt make any sense. Welcome to the site
G'day Floss ..
I live central Coast and work (this will intrest u) in Newcastle!! And yes wasn't that rain squal a doozie!!! I was in a shop .. took two guys to keep the doors closed and the rain still came in under the doors.
Found it quite easy today but unlike some of you I wouldn't put the timer on. Hey up there in N.S.W. send us down some rain all we get is showers with wind that dries it up.
6:10 and a happy maEn to you all
6:42 nice and fluid
7:41 Good mAen all
9:41 I'm actually getting better at this!
5:18 Hi to all and a special tap for Ted x
These are really fun puzzles and the pictures as a bonus are so neat...I wish I'd found this long ago...

hello from bayou country!
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