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Medium Sudoku for 13/July/2008


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Trippy pic, Ian...and that is an odd place for a sculpture - I just kept looking at it trying to wrap my mind around it!
13/Jul/08 12:24 AM
Is this the "god-father's" home?
13/Jul/08 1:18 AM
Well, some of you may be guessing from my big smiles that I AM A RIBBON WINNER!!! Yippee!! What an exciting moment, to see a Juror's Choice fancy blue ribbon attached to my photo!! I'll explain later, as well as add a picture More...
13/Jul/08 1:25 AM
Eve, I had the same thought
13/Jul/08 1:34 AM
3:53 to you all.
13/Jul/08 1:50 AM
Interesting way they did that...
13/Jul/08 3:04 AM
Godfather's house! Eve & Sue b - you crack me up!
13/Jul/08 3:12 AM
Good afternoon to all! I think someone was just horsing around Ian!
13/Jul/08 5:22 AM
maen all! equestrians nowa days...worse than kids.
13/Jul/08 5:31 AM
This picture needs that second glance!!!!
13/Jul/08 5:50 AM
Looks to me like somebody's wife made him get his favorite out of the house.
13/Jul/08 7:30 AM
Someone open the window for him!!!
13/Jul/08 8:25 AM
9:26 Good eye for a great photo.
13/Jul/08 10:17 AM
5:08. He didn't do it - that horse has been framed!
13/Jul/08 10:41 AM
He eheheh lol Chris, great comment.
Great pic Ian.
13/Jul/08 11:00 AM

I've seen this photo on the jigsaw site before... loved it then, love it now.
Chris won the caption contest!
13/Jul/08 11:38 AM
Question - what happened to the horse's a*se?
13/Jul/08 11:51 AM
13/Jul/08 12:31 PM
Now all there is to do is paint the window so it looks like it has a hole in it, and maybe a window box with geraniums and a flower hanging out of the horses mouth.
13/Jul/08 1:26 PM
Ian, maybe the horses a*** was taking the picture.
13/Jul/08 4:12 PM
Yep Chris. Great comment.
13/Jul/08 4:52 PM
4:36 Hi to all.
13/Jul/08 7:11 PM

13/Jul/08 8:39 PM
5.22 How 'Godfather'ish!
hehe Elizabeth! Oo you are naughty...but I like you!
13/Jul/08 10:09 PM
_____ <= no avatar

I would like to know where they got that horse head, and how did they attach it to the window so the window can be opened?

14/Jul/08 11:43 AM
21/Jul/14 6:43 PM
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