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Medium Sudoku for 14/January/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good Morning.
8:40 very slow.
Ian, you have taken over the medium page with all your lovely photos.
Yes, its a passageway. Where?!
Hi everyone
Ian can you give us more details about this picture pls thanks
15:33 With a tall son 23 years old who bother me
Looks like a quaint little village.
10.19 super slow
You know, I had a calendar once that was photos like this. Called 'Passageways', I think. Doors into amazing buildings, passageways like this one, even a few windows opening onto intruiging vistas. Of course, I didn't know Ian then or would have recognized his work at once! lol

Hmm... an interesting picture... the barred window in the stone building looks forbidding, but what appears to be flowers in some sort of receptacles on the lower part of the wall is inviting... yes, more info, please, photographer.
9:02 I poked along as well. The good news is, there's some snow on the ground. Keep your fingers crossed!
Wonderful picture, but please where is it? Somewhere in the Mediterranean?
Good afternoon to all! Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!
Was anyone able to complete this puzzle without a few possibilities to get the ball rolling?
Judy: I was only able to get to 36 filled without using possibilities. This was a hard 'medium' today.
The photo was taken at Grassington, North Yorkshire in UK. The capture of the man in mid-stride was one of those flukes that occur occasionally. The clarity of the photo has suffered a bit in the compression, but what the heck.

Anne, I only submit my photos now on 'medium'. 'Easy' is just too crowded and I can't do 'Hard' or 'Tough' yet.
Thanks, Martha. I just thought I needed more Gingko!
The mounting brackets on the exterior of the window and the lack of bars on the first level window on the building across the street in the background leads me to think the bars are to keep something in, not out. A great picture, presents thought provocation.
Sleet, snow and freezing rain here for the past 24+ hours.
5.16 a passageway to where
Great photo Ian sometimes a fluke makes the picture a stand out.[no pun intended hehe].
Ian, it just makes it easier to find your lovely photos knowing where to look for them. On here and on jigsaws.
Nice photo, Ian. Thank you
Have to agree with Bob about the bars..look more likely to keep something in than out. Nice, sunny day though, and another great photo Ian! Are you putting all your pictures on this site, or do you also have a FLICKR site?
Jenn - click on 'Check out my page' after Ian's name and it will take you to his page. From there you can click on Flickr and view all of his photos.
No point submitting comments cause they dont seem to be published on this page
Nice pic
15:14 ... beat this !! lol
I am humbled by your nice comments, thank you.
mAen! 9:37 slow as molasses.
8:14 Slowly, slowly. Hi to all.
3:36 2007-03-08
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