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Medium Sudoku for 15/December/2005


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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I'm first!
So you are John from California and its goodnight from me its 11.20 pm am off to bed.
Its 7:31 am Wednesday, 12/14/05 here
5:32 so, are these are couple of our regular contributors to this site. If so, I like their attire. Do you go around dressed like this all the time or is it a special occasion.
6:50 what occasion was this? not exactly PC
Looks like a picture from one of the parties on Lady sudoku.
folks, fyi, given the history of blackface in the USA, there are those in the states who would find this picture problematic. I hope this doesn't spoil the fun of the day, but I think it needs to be pointed out.
Rather a bizarre picture. I hope they were doing it for something charitable! Was this an easy puzzple - it went fast for me, about eight minutes.
8:38. On to Hard.
complete 11:00 - will try again - It must have been a nice show!- Two smiling fellows in black performance face -
9:36. Nice sunny day with temperatures above zero degree (Celsius).
Anything can be offensive if you are sensitive. If more people let things slide off their backs there would be less trouble in the world.
I think it was pretty easy as I got 3.08 which is normally more like my easy time. I wish you guys would put your times in more often, I like seeing how everyone goes.
Rearrange the letters of...

'Dormitory' and you get 'Dirty Room'!
'Mother-in-law' and you get 'Woman Hitler'!
'Eleven plus two' and you get 'Twelve plus one'!
'Evangelist' and you get 'Evil's Agent'!
coal miners at a party??
6:48 - i think i've been to parties with those guys...
Flame me if you want, but that's a pretty offensive picture. and sure, anything can be offensive if you're sensitive, but you have to draw the line somewhere. cuz if we had 'let things slide' women and minorities would be still be on the fringe of society.

but anyways, on to the next sudoku~
9:00 not bad pic not funny
9:24 - 1st time I timed myself on medium puzzle, hope to improve next time. I have to agree with JJ on the pic, not pc.
pic very not funny
hmmmmm, a white guy dressed as an asian guy dressed in black face. oooookkaaaaayyyyyyy.......
Whoever decided to put that picture here should remove it. It can be extremely offensive for its history, just like the Confederate flag or the Nazi symbol.
what is it with this politically correct world where everyone thinks it is their right to get upset at anything that used to be considered humour - like they are looking for fault just to make a stand or grandstand and make a name for themselves - it really is SO yesterday! grab a sense of humour - live and let live!
On the picture: I agree it's possible to take ourselves too seriously, to be over-sensitive. But blackface has some very troubling associations, and I think that we need to be aware of how insulting it be. Perhaps the answer is for us to be more aware of other people's feelings and less sensitive about our own. I think that finally bring about less trouble in the world.
for pete's sake. Wrote that so quickly I left out some words. But you get the idea.
Nothing offensive with this picture of people disguising. Soon you won't be allowed to put color painting on your face because it will be offensive for clowns...
Actually, you could easily see in that picture that we can all be considered as black people, just missing color...
And I find it very disturbing that you guys find it offensive for a white guy to look like a black guy !!
6:13 I'm trusting that these guys are chimney sweeps rather than black face! I'm sure that there was no offense meant, given the different cultures involved here, and I tend to like freedom of speech rather than censorship, but I find the picture troubling as well.
Coming from a British background I would agree with Joe from Ontario and say that what we are looking at are two guys celebrating a centuries old profession - mining! Coal miners often came out of the mines covered head to toe in coal dust. Stop looking for a reason to be offended. Sometimes a photo is just a photo....... Freud
Can someone *please* clarify? Are these chimney sweeps or blackface minstrels?
it does not matter
11:01 That pic has absolutely NOTHING to do with black people and anyone who finds it offensive needs to get a life !
In my country [Great Britain], it's called first footing. Dead coals are brought to the home on New Year's Eve by the first foot, who in tradition is supposed to be a tall dark More...
If that really is the case, that it is a British tradition, then that just needs to be explained (which it has) and the matter is resolved. But surely one can understand why another would have found it offensive (without thinking that everything in the world will sooner or later be offensive).
Im guessing that who ever posted the picture would be mortified if they thought they had caused offence, we have to remember that different creeds and cultures join together on sudoku and we should respect each and everyone.
Lets not judge others please lets all embrace each ones diversity xxxx
I glad we can all have different views of things otherwise life would be boring. It only becomes a problem when we think ours is the only one that can be right and don't listen to the others.
Anyhow lets change the mood, has anyone sang the wrong words to songs only to find out later that everyone was laughing at you? Or is it just me?!!!!
For a long time I have tried to discern the meaning of 'prejudice'. I have concluded that an action can not be prejudicial. Nor can a sound, a voice, a smell, a picture. What makes something prejudicial is motive! But not only the motive of the 'actor'; one must consider that of the 'viewer'. So, unless the motive of the 'actor' is known, one must look to the 'viewer'.
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