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Medium Sudoku for 16/January/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Looks like I get first on easy and medium! Just time to get this one done before heading off to bed.
4:07 that was an easy medium
I wonder from where this picture was taken. - from another boat - bridge - clift? and where does one see paddle boats. U.S. Mississippi?
...and 6:02. Getting better on medium but a way to go yet!

Good night all
9:06 - I love the seeing people going to sleep while I just woke up. On to Hard.
Good Morning to all!

Too sleepy for the hard
7.39 having a good night
3.58 - Mississippi?
some folks do puzzle first Chris
hav a good snooze
16:56 better than my last time on medium.
wahooo getting better at this
7:44 Pretty easy, Can't seem to think any faster to do it any quicker.
8.00, getting better and better at it!
6:40, not bad,
no markers today, that was good.
2:22 - this one seemed too easy.
7:16 I can't seem to improve my time. I also get right around the same time no matter what technique I try.
6:46 minutes. Lovely color water; what is it called? Snowy, sleety, cold here. Treacherous walking and driving. Staying home with cats and hubby and fire and sudoku. Who could ask for anything more - oh - no power failure!
3:26 only two mistakes, so that is better
2:47 off to hard
2:33 after set-up...pretty, pretty, pretty easy for a medium...

Go Bears! (American football)
5:31 - hey, has anyone heard of free-cycling yet?
8:09 - Very good for me. Seemed faster but, oh well. Interesting pic of a paddle wheeler with the sun behind the boat.
So that's where I went wrong. I put in some markers but then did not have to use them. Maybe I'll try again without.
Is fee-cycling when you give items away instead of throwing in tras?
2:25 very easy
oops! I meant 'free-cycling' and 'trash'
Pam - yes, it's a way of connecting with others in your area, via the internet, to give away and get stuff for free. Great way to declutter your house, and keeps stuff out of the landfill. As they say, one person's garbage...
6:13 This picture would make a great jigsaw puzzle.
what a strange picture.
5:52. I was hoping for a faster time. On to hard...
Great coloring in the picture.
6:02 Very good for me anyways. Hi to all
wats dat supposed to be a pic of? 8:54
6:40 whawhooooooooo :) Feel'n good about hard sudoku today!
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