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Medium Sudoku for 17/September/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Well Done Beautiful Iceland
6:04 Beautiful photo
Good morning to all! Nice picture, but where's the bird? Are there cats on that island?
Now there is a place I would rather be right now!!!
We have a bird island in the lake at the cottage. It doesn't look half so magnificent as this one, though. I guess the cats ate all the birds!

How incredibly lovely! Thanks to the photographer -- please identify yourself.
Are you on Bird Is. or is that it in the distance? Seems familiar, James Bond movie location?
A lovely photo, thank you photographer
00:03:31 - good personal time for medium
4:47 - not bad for medium. Fall is in the air here - quite a bit cooler but very clear. It's a good day.
A tropical paradise? Nice picture. Thanks
4:59 Hi to all. Beautiful country!
Good Mean Great day here Beautiful pic
6:08. Needs a pirate ship to complete the picture.
Thar water looks incredible! Great picture.
Beautiful island!
Good mAen...looks like a nice place to be...
3.53 a new best time
Good Maen
7:27 Antigua- Caribean. Could some of those who have travelled to the Caribean tell us more about it.
I'd never noticed the comments before... what a lovely international connection viewing this view of beauty!

Praise the Lord
Hello everyone, lovely picture, have a great day all
What a great day it is! Just became a supporting member Spring has sprung, the birds are nesting, the daffodils are out, great photos on Sudoku... now I must go and mow the knee high grass!!!
Lovely spot to visit by the looks.
Maen all
630 am and to early to be up doing puzzles
will do the hard and retire
Maen again
4:44, but what a pretty island!
Thanks for the complements on the picture.
The island is shaped a bit like a bird, hence the name. No cats on the island, nor an inordinant number of birds
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06/Jun/07 10:47 PM
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06/Jun/07 10:47 PM
17/Sep/07 11:44 PM
27/Sep/09 11:56 PM
27/Sep/09 11:57 PM
27/Sep/09 11:57 PM
27/Sep/09 11:59 PM
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