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Medium Sudoku for 19/February/2008


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Cats... always the center of attention.
19/Feb/08 12:11 AM
Pretty picture!
19/Feb/08 12:39 AM
Purr-fect cat place!
19/Feb/08 12:52 AM
19/Feb/08 1:02 AM
Lovely cat.
Have a nice Day all.
19/Feb/08 1:09 AM
19/Feb/08 1:12 AM

It seems the last 2 mediums have been substantially easier.
19/Feb/08 1:39 AM
6:43. Good Maen to All.
19/Feb/08 2:11 AM

Not The Cat In The Hat, it's the Cat In The Bowl!
19/Feb/08 2:44 AM
4.59. happy family day. a new holiday for us in this province. other provinces in canada already have this one.
19/Feb/08 2:46 AM
4:58 Hi to all and a sweet little kitten.
19/Feb/08 2:53 AM
5:26 What a lovely kitten (and they'll always make a cozy nook out of anything ...)
Happy Family Day to all in Ontario!
19/Feb/08 3:32 AM
19/Feb/08 4:10 AM
I want it. Now!!!!
19/Feb/08 4:19 AM
Good afternoon to all!
19/Feb/08 4:36 AM
19/Feb/08 4:52 AM
3:10 Maen! What a nice, calming picture... :)
19/Feb/08 4:58 AM
Cats, Greg! Cats!!!
19/Feb/08 6:02 AM
4:53 to you all.
19/Feb/08 7:01 AM
19/Feb/08 7:13 AM
Hi everyone!
19/Feb/08 8:05 AM
3.29 cute, very cute
19/Feb/08 9:04 AM
19/Feb/08 10:11 AM
Good morning all, what a pretty picture.
19/Feb/08 11:32 AM
Dorthea, do you read Qwilleran??? Now!!
Cute kitten, but messy puzzle!
19/Feb/08 11:54 AM
What a lovely centerpiece.
19/Feb/08 12:02 PM
Are you referring to Braun's Qwilleran, BLUEY? Read 'em all! And I'm a dog person ...
19/Feb/08 12:02 PM
Looks like puss has something in sight
19/Feb/08 1:33 PM
19/Feb/08 2:36 PM
One of the first puzzles I ever solved on this site had that picture on it.
19/Feb/08 2:51 PM
CynB- I have been solving puzzles for years on this site, and I thougt they always gave a picture! I wonder why yours did not? As a dog person, I like to complain about all the cat photos.... but that little kitten is too cute to stirfry, no matter how soft catveal is....OK OK don't get mad! I'm kidding!!!! I even posted this as a joke!!!!!
19/Feb/08 3:50 PM
Such a cute kitten. Glad you posted it as a joke Jim cause it made me laugh.
19/Feb/08 5:25 PM
5:01. I'm not a cat person, but that is a very cute photo (even the fourth time around!)
19/Feb/08 7:10 PM
I love cats. Mine died of old age 2 years ago. I really miss her. I'll get a new one when we stop travelling so much.
19/Feb/08 8:24 PM
My cat prefers to curl up in the bathroom sink..which makes getting ready quite difficult sometimes!
Judy and bluey: I too have been reading Lillian Jackson Braun's "Cat Who..." books for years and absolutely love them. I might have missed the last couple, so I think I'm in for a trip to the library tomorrow! Thanks for the suggestion!
19/Feb/08 9:00 PM
Sweet kitty.
Sabina, you can adopt one of mine! Drop in to my page, there's pics of them there, except the newest one, Nibbles. You can't have her!
19/Feb/08 10:06 PM
20/Feb/08 7:00 AM
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