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Medium Sudoku for 2/April/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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good maen all
8:05 Who's pretty little girls are they?
Good morning and good night all.

I'm not even going to mention my time it was so bad!
good Maen All, never been here this early! Darn kids. . .
Maen to all. Quite the trio in that picture.
6:24. What cuties!
good Maen all- happy april fools day!
i was April fooled on this one - 14.33?!?!?
forgot the timer, cute kids!
My Darn kids. . . got me up early, nothing to do with the cute girls in the picture
5:49 and not even April Fools! Georgous spring day here - maybe enough to melt the rest of the snow?
Tough one - 11:13
An embarassing 16:05!!!! I think I messed up on possibilities and things just went downhill from there. Got to go clean a little, then on to the Hard.
6:15 Looks like a Christmas card! Pretty little brown-eyed girls!
13:44 Which one's the doll?
back from vacation and on page one! Banner day! Good Maen. Gorgeous girls!
9:25 - not bad for me!
How fun to finally finish this and then be rewarded by seeing my adorable little nieces! Cute picture of your girls, Tonia :)
21.57 while jamming to Nazareth 2XS.

Beautiful little ones! Reminds me of my sweet grand daughter who lives far away...
8:13 didn't think it was difficult.. pretty good time for me.
11.26 very slow
Awwww, that's a lovely picture! :)
very very slow 23:52.but nice picture at the end.
7:09 Cute kids.
17.49 - tragic, early Sunday morning, that's my only excuse.
Have put our clocks back now, autumn is really here.
Have a great day everyone.
who are the two little cherubs and who do they belong to
have a great day/night one and all
THEY'RE MINE! :)) Thanks, Charlene (my sis) and all for such nice comments about my daughters - they're the 2 on the right, by the way...don't know who that other one is that jumped into the picture! :) And you're right, it's from Christmas (just about gave up seeing it appear...and then I read More...
15:08 Thanks for having such a great site... wunnerful pix - makes it all worth the effort
creepy pic
Adorable girls. Such sweet faces and gorgeous eyes.
Sudoku is sooo addicting. Is there an easy way to taper off? Good night to a few and good morning to the rest.
to Deborah from Sydney: I thought you made a mistake saying putting the clocks 'back', because today we SPRING FORWARD, haha. Makes sense since you are in the Fall now and must FALL BACK I didn't realize you changed clocks down under, too. Learning something new every day
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