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Medium Sudoku for 20/February/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Hi all, welcome to Tuesday!
3:48 - a good time for me on a medium puzzle.
I agree! Very beautiful! And happy Mardi Gras Chris! Well it is actually Shrove Tuesday! Who's for pancakes for breakfast?!
6:01 Maen Slow today
Hi Kate, very good - the (French) literal meaning of Mardi Gras can very easily be applied to Shrove Tuesday without too much of a stretch!

Anyway, that'll do me for the day. Time to hit the sack so I can get up tomorrow for a bit of a run before work.
Ditto. Good Night!
aaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrgggggghhhhhh! I'm melting...
8:01 Beautiful photo. Is this one of Ian's from St. Petersburg in Russia.
Hi everyone, what a beautiful archway, the glow of the chandelier gives it a warmth. Cheers.
5:58 Hi to all. Beautiful detail. Pancakes tomorrow for us - yum!!
3.40 a really really super newtime for me

The title says it all -- 'Simply Beautiful' I'm guessing Anne is right -- it looks like a church.

Happy Presidents' Day to the US contingent.
5:09 Beautiful church. Pancakes tomorrow for us too. And Happy Presidents' Day to our southern neighbours.
6:44. Good Maen to all.
How can the title of this picture is 'Simply beautiful' It is not ' S I M P L E ' It is a High Technical Buillding Architecture ,just have a look to the wonderful Arches design and the indoor design and decoration ,you will be sure it is a palace or church or big cathedral.
Nice mAen to all.
mAen! 3:28. Yes, cathedrals are a rich source of architectural beauty (as well as other works of art).
Beautiful old workmanship (workWOmanship? or workpersonship?) :) (I hate trying to be politically correct, so this is very tongue-in-cheek!) Have a good one, all.
A very good Maen to all. I enjoy this site so much: reading the jokes, the wise and canny remarks, and not least, the friendly comments if I have time. Wagdy. 'Simply' like 'just' placed before a descriptive word implies, I think, that the person commenting has no complicating negative feelings on first seeing (or hearing, ...) the object (word, ...).
Maen, everyone. It's Monday morning here, hopefully the last day of cold weather. High in the 40's F. I know, I know--that's not cold for you poor guys in Canada and USA North. Would the photographer of today beautiful shot please tell where it was taken?
Heritage Day in Canada
some people get a paid holiday
self employed sorts just have another work day
or no work and no pay
Good mAen to everyone!
Simply Beautiful!
If it is St. Petersburg -- then it is not a Chirch for sure. It is probably one of the Thsar's palaces, most likely one that was built by Ekaterina the II, mostly known as Ekaterina the Great
Fun puzzle today.
Good Morning all. Anne you picked it correctly, it is one I took during our visit to St Petersburg. And Vera, you take the prize, it is not a church, it was taken inside the Hermitage Museum (which was originally the Winter Palace). All the lights were on because it was so gloomy outside and More...
The official website of the Hermitage Museum can be visited through


It is possible to do virtual tours of most of the galleries.
I agree, there is no better way to describe this snap of The Hermitage museum but as 'Simply Beautiful'

Great pictures Ian.
Ian, I am glad you said where it was taken and gave us the web address. I will have to check it out. I snuck this puzzle in in the middle of writing a research paper that is due on Saturday. I am on page 2 of 5 required. Oh well, all work and no play makes for one dull day off.
Tami, the virtual tours are great fun, I hope you have enought time to enjoy them.
Wow! This is beautiful.
Happy President's Day (Monday in US).
Good afternoon to all! Nice photo Ian.
great photo Ian
morning all, great photo,pancake day just the day for cheese and onion pancakes. YUM.
Good maeN all! Stunning architecture..Thanks Ian!
I have never had cheese and onion pancakes. Could you include the recipe. They do sound good as I like cheese, onions and pancakes.
Anne, andré, Kevin, Debby, Greg, Rosemary and Pam thank you for your kind words. Actually it was the Russians who created the beauty, all I did was take the photo.
Hi there
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