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Medium Sudoku for 21/February/2008


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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21/Feb/08 12:02 AM
Hard one ( for me anyway)
21/Feb/08 12:19 AM
Oh! What a pretty picture. Looks like it is warm there!
21/Feb/08 12:50 AM
It always amazes/amuses me to see the cars come off a ferry. It seems like it shouldn't be able to float!
21/Feb/08 1:41 AM
21/Feb/08 1:47 AM
This was easy, it just took a bit long to get through.
21/Feb/08 1:49 AM
5:52 Hi to all.
21/Feb/08 1:51 AM
3.42 all.
21/Feb/08 1:55 AM
8:33 Pokey.
21/Feb/08 2:09 AM
GOOD MAEN - Hard for me 2! :)
21/Feb/08 2:29 AM
3:17 Maen! Is that the Sylt off the coast of Germany? Looks like a nice day but somehow that water looks chilly...
21/Feb/08 2:56 AM
Good morning to all. Slow on this puzzle today. I think so DanM. There was another photo a few days back of the disappearing island.
21/Feb/08 3:57 AM
21/Feb/08 3:58 AM
21/Feb/08 4:01 AM
Well, around here we have different kinds of Fairy's. Good Day all!
21/Feb/08 4:37 AM
Good mAen. Thank you for making me laugh.
21/Feb/08 4:59 AM
All ashore!
I don't usually time, but it seemed slow to me too.
21/Feb/08 5:38 AM
21/Feb/08 6:39 AM
Mary/LI, one of my best memories is of driving to Maryland from LI with two sons when little, and taking the ferry across from Manhattan. Younger son (about 5 at the time) so loved the experience, I have a pic of him, as we passed the feet of Ms. Lib, back to stack as high as we could get, telling me to ship the rest of his clothes to the ferry b/c he was never getting off!
21/Feb/08 6:54 AM
It's one of Sue's wonderful photos.
21/Feb/08 8:00 AM
5.35 Good morning all
21/Feb/08 8:57 AM
5.11 ferry to where
21/Feb/08 9:10 AM
I also thought this one hard for a medium.
21/Feb/08 12:27 PM
I agree, it was a diffcult medium
21/Feb/08 12:36 PM
Difficult for me too,
What sort of lights does a Ferry have?
Fairy lights!
21/Feb/08 1:24 PM
9.27 That's slow for a medium. I thought it was trickier than the hard.
21/Feb/08 2:23 PM
The techniques required to solve this one were clearly at the Medium level, but spotting where one can continue was slower than usual.
21/Feb/08 6:52 PM
6:06 - slow today.
21/Feb/08 8:51 PM
I shouldn't even save these times!
21/Feb/08 10:20 PM
Slow for me too. Googled Sylt - it's an island in northern Germany up near Denmark. I'd never heard of it. This site teaches me things besides sudoku.
21/Feb/08 11:10 PM
23/Feb/08 10:29 AM
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