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Medium Sudoku for 21/April/2009


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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A perfect perch, Kay!
21/Apr/09 12:04 AM
Looks very serene.
21/Apr/09 12:20 AM
3:58 What makes them all face the same way? The wind? An inner compass?
21/Apr/09 12:27 AM
Looks like the gulls are playing "King of the Hill"!
"Nah, nah, nah! You can't knock me off!"
21/Apr/09 12:38 AM
Maen, Kathy. What do you think, are they all looking that way because Judy's over there? Wonder what she's doing?
21/Apr/09 12:42 AM
Tide's out! Lovely Kay!
21/Apr/09 12:46 AM
Hey ... I heard that!
21/Apr/09 12:55 AM
2:23 Hi to all.
21/Apr/09 2:43 AM
maen all! with the exception of a few long runs to the outer banks all the ferries in north carolina are free. i believe it is the only state run ferry system as well. there are a few free state run ones along the ohio river between kentucky and its border states. north carolina has about 50 of them.
21/Apr/09 4:00 AM
Judy's probably kayaking around them with a sling shot dangling from her mouth, making them nervous.
21/Apr/09 4:04 AM
It looks like a nice place to visit. Maybe we will get there some day when we are in Virginia. Thanks, Kay!
21/Apr/09 4:53 AM
The gulls are probably wondering what she's doing out in a kayak without any feathers on. Where's Jane's boa when you need it? Where's two of Janes's boas when you need them?
21/Apr/09 4:59 AM
4:13, hi everyone.
21/Apr/09 5:33 AM
Judy? With no feathers? Well, Judy, I guess you've been plucked again!
21/Apr/09 5:59 AM
I adore getting plucked ...
21/Apr/09 8:23 AM
Boy, you guys sure have a lot of fun when I'm not around to play.
21/Apr/09 10:21 AM
Well, duh, Hal ... get a clue!
21/Apr/09 10:46 AM
maeN. I'm #18 and from your clues, I think the birds AND two ladies wearing feather boas on their ferry ride are watching Judy kayak while disguised as a chicken in a suit from which feathers are missing. That's a mini camera dangling from her mouth, not a sling shot. She hopes to get another great photo to submit as a Hard puzzle. Deb, are you sure you really want to go there?
21/Apr/09 1:25 PM
X2. That heron is gorgeous
06/Jul/14 1:31 PM
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