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Medium Sudoku for 23/February/2010


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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What IS that statue on top of the fountain???
23/Feb/10 12:06 AM
4:05 all!
23/Feb/10 12:13 AM
Interesting..... The flowers are pretty!
23/Feb/10 12:35 AM
Ooohhh ... that's just how I want to decorate MY courtyard!
23/Feb/10 1:52 AM
El Dia de los Muertos!
23/Feb/10 2:11 AM
Judy - you got lots of skeletons in your closet?
23/Feb/10 2:47 AM
23/Feb/10 3:08 AM
Glad you asked that question, Vici! Judy, you mean that isn't your courtyard?
23/Feb/10 3:12 AM
What happens in the closet ... stays in the closet ...

Just grass and fruit trees in my "courtyard"!
23/Feb/10 3:45 AM
2:58 Maen! Cool courtyard, although I would probably eschew the sculpture in the center... :)
23/Feb/10 3:58 AM
California "grass" or just plain grass?
23/Feb/10 5:33 AM
looks like there is another hanging in front of the balcony behind and to our right of the statue, bet both are temporary decor for a day of the dead celebration...(I know very little Spanish, but I believe it is Diaz del Muerto)
23/Feb/10 6:03 AM
oops, missed Glenn's comment
23/Feb/10 6:15 AM
Ah, Jeb, this is SOUTHERN California ... you'll have to ask Keith or Vici (up North) about the special crops grown in the backyards in their neck of the woods!
23/Feb/10 7:54 AM
Dia de los Muertos is how they say it here. One-to-one translation is literally "day of the dead"

Special crops? Northern California? As the feds have assured us for years, the only thing that is growing in northern California are redwoods.
23/Feb/10 8:38 AM
Really, Jim? How do they get those huge trees rolled up in those tiny papers??
23/Feb/10 8:43 AM
23/Feb/10 9:01 AM
They smoke redwood shavings in northern Ca Judy?? That could explain a lot of things, Vici's vibrancy, Keith beard, hmm, the mind biggles!!
Not really my style of courtyard decor!
23/Feb/10 12:15 PM
My grass is mostly weeds ... um ... oh, that's right, that's another word for it.
23/Feb/10 4:26 PM
3:32, everyone.
23/Feb/10 6:47 PM
23/Feb/10 9:16 PM
Keith you can put formaldehyde on your weeds and let them dry out....oops that would be "dusty". Better just used Roundup.
24/Feb/10 3:57 AM
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