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Medium Sudoku for 25/July/2010


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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25/Jul/10 12:07 AM
My, what big feet you have! Must be tough to find shoes to fit!
25/Jul/10 12:14 AM
Looks so sad and lonely :0(
25/Jul/10 12:24 AM
he looks sad
25/Jul/10 12:39 AM
Maen all.
25/Jul/10 12:44 AM
all alone.
25/Jul/10 12:49 AM
This photo was taken in June 2005 at Chicago's Brookfield Zoo, just outside the exit to its "Australia House." The bird had a large enclosure but would always come up by the door, according to the keepers. The keeper said that they could be quite... difficult animals, and this one in More...
25/Jul/10 12:53 AM
Besides being interested in visiting farms where exotics were raised and kept, Burl and I were avid zoo visitors. We had visited and emu farm where all the birds were tame and I could sit down next to an emu and pet it. We knew to keep away from ostriches and rheas because of their temperaments, More...
25/Jul/10 1:14 AM
I wouldn't go up to just any emu, by the way, or any farm animal without a go ahead from a farmer/keeper whose judgment was trustworthy and whose handling skills were proven.
25/Jul/10 1:17 AM
to you all from sunny Portland, Oregon.
25/Jul/10 3:04 AM
Now since a cassowary can't fly, just how did it end up in Chicago. No wonder it looks sad Chayote. It was kidnapped from it's home!
25/Jul/10 3:42 AM
That poor bird is a long way from home!
25/Jul/10 4:01 AM
This reminded me of when we were in Scotland at a animal farm they had the eastern rosellas from here the poor things looked so sad.
25/Jul/10 7:54 AM
I hadn't noticed the feet when I first looked at the picture.
25/Jul/10 8:54 AM
2:35, only a few seconds slower than my "easy" time! everyone.
25/Jul/10 9:50 AM
Jim is right. Cassowaries are easily the most dangerous of the flightless birds. They're the only one that intentionally tries to kill man. It makes you realize that Velociraptors evolved into those things.
25/Jul/10 12:47 PM
5:25 Poor bird looks a bit lost. Obviously he is.
25/Jul/10 1:59 PM
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