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Medium Sudoku for 27/January/2009


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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Love orchids! I've painted over eight watercolours of them. Wonderful flowers to paint.
27/Jan/09 12:04 AM
OOOOOOHHHH! How pretty!
27/Jan/09 12:10 AM
Stunning colour!
27/Jan/09 12:19 AM
Hi Shiela, Hi Debby
27/Jan/09 12:36 AM
Hi Rose
27/Jan/09 12:37 AM
They certainly are orchids. That reminds me to water mine. I forgot to set the timer.
27/Jan/09 1:14 AM
2:31 Maen! Gorgeous flowers!
27/Jan/09 1:23 AM
meant timer for the puzzles today, not the orchid-watering I'm definitely not that solicitous of the orchids.
27/Jan/09 1:57 AM
No wonder you love painting them, Shiela--they're gorgeous.
27/Jan/09 2:03 AM
So lovely - beautiful purple!
27/Jan/09 2:51 AM
I was wondering about that, Plum. I mean, how precise would one have to be in watering orchids.
27/Jan/09 2:57 AM
maen all! orchids seem to be the type of flower that the harder you try to grow them the less they co-operate. the woods around here are full of them and the ones people take home seem to die.
27/Jan/09 3:52 AM
27/Jan/09 4:05 AM
hey deltz, why don't you tell them to leave the orchids in the woods so everyone can enjoy them! They're so pretty in their natural habitat
27/Jan/09 7:10 AM
4:16, hi all.
27/Jan/09 7:49 AM
The American Orchid Socirty headquarters is in Palm Beach County, and the gardens and greenhouses have (as Dad might have said) "more types of orchids than you can shake a stick at!"
27/Jan/09 9:49 AM
Glorious colour!!
How true Deltz, about the TLC factor with them, the more TLC you give them the quicker they die! Or at least mine all do!
27/Jan/09 2:25 PM
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