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Medium Sudoku for 27/May/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Fantastic photo
27/May/07 12:14 AM
I love the night sky - we were in KY several years ago - and I have never seen a storm like that - the sky was just lit up with streaks of lighting running across the sky. Thanks for the picture. have a good safe weekend everyone - Mary
27/May/07 12:24 AM
Lovely photo Michael and Ian. I've tried to capture lightning but can't seem to manage it.
27/May/07 12:25 AM
I just have to add - I loved the pattern of the puzzle today - I tried to solve it in 'order' but the sixes just threw me in. I love order but chaos is fun also. Mary
27/May/07 12:26 AM
Maen all
27/May/07 12:37 AM
Pretty but rather dangerous looking lightning there...the lightning doesn't scare me...just the trees that it strikes, that fall on houses...they seem to do that a lot around my neighborhood.
27/May/07 1:06 AM
I have always liked a good storm. Nice shot, well captured.
27/May/07 1:21 AM
Another nice shot.
27/May/07 2:10 AM

This is not my son's photo, but it reminds me of a cross-country trip he made in his youth. When I asked him what he liked best, he replied the lightning storms in the mid-west!
27/May/07 2:19 AM
Wow! What a capture. Great photography whoever did this. Thanks for sharing!
27/May/07 2:19 AM
Fantastic picture. I love watching lightning.
27/May/07 2:20 AM
27/May/07 2:39 AM
7:15. Good Maen.
27/May/07 3:45 AM
Your son has taken a great shot,Ian
27/May/07 4:26 AM
Great photo
27/May/07 4:43 AM
I have seen many photos of lightning but I have never seen lightning with the squiggledy bits like this one. Well done Michael.
27/May/07 5:16 AM
That's going to make a great jigsaw - particularly on rotation.
I've seen lots of lightning from the inside of a cloud when we were flying around the tropics and interestingly, it causes very little damage to an aircraft - just a pinhole somewhere on the fuselage. It can, however, ruin More...
27/May/07 5:50 AM
Amazing shot. It truly shows that nature can be beautiful, but deadly.
27/May/07 6:15 AM
maeN! 3:15. A great shot. Great timing with the shutter :-)
27/May/07 7:04 AM
Good Afternoon everyone. Hope your day/morning is going well.
Ian; I agree totally, it's going to be an interesting jigsaw, but fun. Great photo.
Mary: I tried 'in order' too, but I couldn't get it done that way either.
Be Safe this weekend, and from a household with two of them, Thank a Vet, we owe them a lot.
27/May/07 7:12 AM
27/May/07 7:33 AM
Wonderful shot Michael!!! And thank you Ian for submitting it and for your interesting comment. Just shows that necessity really is the mother of invention! Or the father in this case!!
27/May/07 7:40 AM
Oh dear, sorry to hear you owe your vets a lot, Cyndi - I bet you wish you'd taken out Pet Insurance now!

Yeah, smashing photo - I could never do that, my blooming camera is obsessed with putting a flash with everything less than bright sunlight, and it certainly takes longer than a flash of lightning takes to turn the wretched thing off!
27/May/07 8:48 AM
great photo, clicked just at the right time.
27/May/07 9:36 AM
I agree with all the above comments on the photo.If I stop getting phone calls I might get the puzzles done in time to do the mowing.lol
27/May/07 10:11 AM
The trick to lightning photos is to have a camera that lets you keep the shutter open. You also need a tripod & a remote shutter release. This shot was taken from my balcony by just focussing the camera (a Canon 350D) on the clouds, and just opening the shutter until a strike comes, or you think More...
27/May/07 10:29 AM
Natures fireworks. Another great shot Michael.
27/May/07 10:59 AM
27/May/07 4:27 PM
5:53 - great photo. I've managed to capture lightning before but not anything as spectacular as this shot.
27/May/07 7:57 PM
27/May/07 8:22 PM
Thanks for the photo and the explanation.
27/May/07 10:06 PM
27/May/07 10:21 PM
28/May/07 10:50 PM
29/May/07 8:58 AM
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