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Medium Sudoku for 30/October/2005


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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No way, surely I'm not the first one here... ;o) 2:57 Not bad for a beginner! Good night all I'm going to bed now.
3.09 yeay, thats pretty good for me.
5:47 and it is beautiful morning in Chicagoland
3.07 Good morning to all and good night as it's 00.30am.
an enjoyable (and honest) 6:24- worth it for the view of the fine feathered bluebird
well mine was honest too. =)
5:02 I thought from the times I'd do better but thats ok 5 mins is good for me on medium :)
night everyone. Sweet dreams to those of you heading to be. talk to you all tomorrow
5:32; nice bird.
ooops...hit the wrong button causing the blank entry. You can see why once again I am in the lead of slowest time. Can't do anything quite right. Today was a somewhat fast for me-10:42 but I want you to know I use ever cheat avaliable and still am that slow. Rock on!!!
3:38, onward to hard
Ugh. Am at my mothers house. dial-up is so slow.
10.21 - I'm having a slowww day
4:03 Average speed.... not bad, pretty blue bird ^_^
2hrs 32min ....but did have to go to Tesco so fair i think.
5:19. Pretty fast for a guy with no hands, hard to click the mouse with my toes.
Good evening all, off to watch some fireworks soon.
19.02 how poorly of me
5.52 - not happy with this at all.Seemed to have an attack of the stupids.These are spasmodic in nature and largely unpredictable,thuogh if you drink enough,you're probably guaranteed to encounter them.Jane,going to Tesco in the middle of a puzzle certainly qualifies.Don't worry,people from all More...
8'18'',But it is very easy.
17:07... did 'check moves' once.
alright, folks, it's time for a cup of Pumpkin Spice coffee. mmm...
8:06 what a gorgeous bird! What is it?
wow I'm proud of me, 1st time I have timed the medium and got 3:38.
4:38. i'm happy with that!! It is a beautiful morning here...our clocks went foreward last night - so I am only working a 9 hour night duty rather than 10 hours..but getting paid for 10 hours...feels good to get one on 'the organisation'! lol. Bright blessings everyone
20:06, trying something different. No possibilities noted, no red boxes, nothing changed, just trying to get it through visual elimination.
Sweetie, that's a bluebird, something we don't see much out this way!
7:43...WAR EAGLE!!!
Thanks, Cinji! Definitely don't see them in the most populated state in our country
5:05 My best medium time. I think I'm getting better!
blue Jay to me
from the Toronto Blue Jays but Liam knows that,eh Lisa
Pretty birdy!!
5:26 that's a PB for me on medium (not to be confused with VPL!). It's raining (ray) in Sydney and we've missed out on one hour's sleep because our clocks went forward early this morning. Glad you got 10 hours pay for only 9 hours work as a result, shabaya.
Welcome to all new sudokuists. Beware, it becomes addictive (and so does the puzzle/do the puzzles)!

Love this game!
after midnight, off to hard before bed.
18:45 with no help, like Cinji - just visual elimination. Still beautiful out today. I love autumn.
5:33 Bluebird,cool bird.Cardiff football club are nicknamed the bluebirds.i'm sorry little guy but when that comes to mind i feel slightly repulsed.hypothetically speaking if a swan and a bluebird had a fight who would win?
Hey, bluebird! Hello you guys.
8.33 good for me. Hi everyone
5:00 - happy with that! Hi to all. Enjoy! - life is too short not to.
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