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Medium Sudoku for 4/June/2008


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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mAen! 2:43 Yet another nice spot/shot!
04/Jun/08 12:04 AM
Ian, you must have had a fantastic trip to Holland! Every one of your photos has made me want to go there! But then...maybe you could make the worst place appealing!
04/Jun/08 12:04 AM
2:39 Maen! Another lovely shot from Holland... another place I need to visit (along with Wales, Norway, Germany, etc.)
04/Jun/08 12:06 AM
3:24, an easy one to start the day. Yet another lovely Ian shot!
04/Jun/08 12:07 AM
3:09 nearly easier than the easy.
But, Ian, they are roses in the photo, were's the tulips?
Another lovely photo.
04/Jun/08 12:29 AM
2:58 to you all.

Nice shot, Ian.
04/Jun/08 12:58 AM

Is there room for me on the bench?
04/Jun/08 1:10 AM
Oh how beautiful. It does look so nice and peaceful! Thanks, Ian!
04/Jun/08 1:13 AM
what pretty gardens!!
04/Jun/08 1:24 AM
They have such beautiful gardens.
04/Jun/08 1:26 AM
4:04 Hi to all.
04/Jun/08 1:34 AM
Maen all - looks like a pleasant spot for a bit of lunch! What a wonderful shot, Ian!
04/Jun/08 1:46 AM
Ian - Lovely! Did you get any photos of the "Red Light" District?
04/Jun/08 3:33 AM
maen all! what...roses instead of tulips in holland? p.s. to heidi from magnolia,ky...that's my bro-in-law retiring to corbin area(southeast). real nice area in dan'l boone nat. forest.
04/Jun/08 4:21 AM
Nice... but I'd hate to be the one trimming those hedges!
The photo appears to be taken in mid to late Summer. Tulips bloom in Spring.... hence, no tulips!
Now... where's the canoe?.........
04/Jun/08 4:27 AM
Nice photo Ian.
Eve, I do not think they allow cameras in the red light district and I think Ian is too nice a gentleman to go there.
04/Jun/08 6:14 AM
He's a long way from Holland at the moment: he's in Dubbo on the Western Planes of NSW testing his new Mercedes!
04/Jun/08 8:28 AM
I love the weeping willows. Are the hedges in the shape of a tulip?
04/Jun/08 10:18 AM
I agree with all above.
04/Jun/08 12:42 PM
4:09 almost better that easy, the brain must be finally working. Beautifully framed with the tree Ian.
04/Jun/08 1:07 PM
Yes once again a great pic Ian.
Just makes one want to be there.
04/Jun/08 2:33 PM
Hi all,
We've just spent a wonderful day being shown around Dubbo by Maureen. Our special thanks to Maureen for putting up with us and showing us aroundthis charming city.
04/Jun/08 5:06 PM
We are off to Parkes tomorrow.
04/Jun/08 5:07 PM
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