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Medium Sudoku for 5/March/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Try Medium
Good Maen All
5:22. It's 12:21am and I'm about to head off to bed. Good night all!
Maen to all. Easy medium. Dogs again!

14:24 Not realy fast but not too bad for early in morning Going to do exercises Good day every body
10:41. Moving on.
That dog is gorgeous. There is a lot of animal lovers on this site which is good to see.
Looks like my son's dog - Sage - a lab/malmute cross - 130 lbs of love. Have good Maen all.
Easy medium today.


3.08 Another dog
8'26 ditto JR... wag tail...
6:54, not bad
we tried the kakuro sight and it is a fun puzzle.
check it out at the bottom of the left column.
5.44 Not too bad after just getting back from the pub. Apparently beer makes me play better...go figure
Is that a dog or a lion?
Not a big fan of big dogs, having been the victim of an unprovoked attack in my youth. They scare me to this day.
Not a big pet person, but that is a good-looking dog.
4:17 start to finish. I think that's my best ever for a medium. But this was awfully easy. No need to think really, just put in the squares where only one number is possible and everything else popped into place. That's cool for an Easy, but I'd prefer the Medium be a little more difficult than that.
sorry about your experience Lizbaby
not always dogs fault
its there 2 legged owner's fault
good Maen 2 everybody
4:45. Not too bad.
Pen: Will have to try the beer trick, although drinking at 9am may have some consequences...
7:27 my brain is still waking up!
Good Maen. I'm always pleased with myself when I complete the medium puzzle without needing to backtrack and fix mistakes!

Have a terrific weekend.
must have been easier that usual, because i actually completed it, off to try the hard!
The 'usual suspects' seem to be on the site less at the weekends. My workplace has just blocked this site for some reason, and I have to fight with my kids for computer access, so I'll be here more at weekends now (if I can get them out of the house!!). So hi all sudoku weekenders.
I haven't been dossing at work doing Sudoku. Really! I would only use it to print out for later, because sometimes I find doing it on paper is more satisfying. I'm sure there are worse sites people access at work...!
4:25 Extra good. Hi to all
Good looking dog; am rather partial to labs. Kathy, your young bloke appears to keep him well fed.
Glorious morning here (9:30 am) will escape to the shoreline of our lake (pond) and take a few snaps. Have a good and stay safe
one, a good one.
2:10 o ya i rock peoples but u guys did awesome
3:56 on medium
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