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Medium Sudoku for 5/April/2008


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Where is everyone? Did I happen to hit the beginning of the day for a change?
05/Apr/08 12:10 AM
I'll take that train.
05/Apr/08 12:13 AM
A fun one.
05/Apr/08 12:25 AM
Hello Sheri, Dorthea and Lee,
We must be the early birds today, although it is almost 11AM EST in my cornder of the world. I hope you are enjoying a wonderful Friday. For me the last few weeks have been hectic, so I am hoping for a calm and relaxing day to get re-energized for the weekend.

Take care all!
Aimee :-)
05/Apr/08 1:41 AM
I'll go, too, Dorthea!
05/Apr/08 1:45 AM
Hi Aimee! 11AM already! Glad you mentioned the time! I've got to get going!
05/Apr/08 1:47 AM
2:41 Maen! Ist er ein Deutsch Zug? (my poor High School German finally gets put to use! :)
05/Apr/08 2:01 AM
Shiela and Dorthea are already on the train since I don't see them on the board...Enjoy your trip!
05/Apr/08 2:19 AM
Aimee, relax and don't jump on that train! Have a beautiful weekend all of you.
05/Apr/08 2:20 AM
Hi back Shiela and you too Orianne! And to everyone else doing the puzzles and reading the posts.

Make this the day that your voice is heard and share your thoughts, ideas and experiences. No reason to jump on a speeding train, slow down and enjoy every moment of today!

Aimee :-)

05/Apr/08 2:25 AM
German or possibly Danish, can't make out the text of the signs to be sure.
05/Apr/08 3:42 AM
5:53 to you all.

I like your travel shots, Sue. They always present an interesting perspective.
05/Apr/08 3:48 AM
maen all! not an easy medium for a change. maybe this rainy season has waterlogged my head as well as everything else around here. trout fishin' has been good early mornings,though. streams aren't too high.
05/Apr/08 4:39 AM
Oh, I love to travel by train! Much more comfy than the broom
05/Apr/08 4:41 AM
Good afternoon to all! Thank gosh I'm on time. I thought I was going to miss this train.
05/Apr/08 5:33 AM
05/Apr/08 5:43 AM
5:24 no possibilities. mAen!
05/Apr/08 6:42 AM
3.24 where are we training to?
05/Apr/08 9:16 AM
05/Apr/08 10:26 AM
I am in training to catch the train.
05/Apr/08 1:35 PM
Very slow today - 7:15. My brain's struggling to get into gear at the moment.

Another good one Sue!
05/Apr/08 3:34 PM
Train whistle blowing,
makes a sleepy noise.
05/Apr/08 6:21 PM
BART trains are white but this reminds me a lot of the BART stations in the SF bay area.
06/Apr/08 7:12 AM
07/Apr/08 9:13 AM
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