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Medium Sudoku for 6/November/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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A wet squirrel?! Brrr
4:57 a cat in a squirrel suit. What will they get up to next with their disguises!
who knows anne, anything is possible
Good morning to all! What a funny looking cat!
just guessing but i think he dropped his food in some water
That is SOOOO cute!! Are they cute to live with (or near)?
Squirrel: A rat with a Public Relations Department.
id love to see a real live squirrel one day, ive got possums in my roof, not though!!
He needs a cat to help mop up
Looks like he doesn't know enough to come in out of the rain.
Wet fellow!

I don't usually see them out in the rain around here.
Well Done
Don't trust him he looks squirely to me!
4.34 very fast
4:36 Hi to all. We have squirrels bury their food in our garden all the time, and then they forget where they put it!! Its fun to watch them trying to find it though!
That's a sad looking animal and I thought Bulldog's had sad face's. Good comment Beth. He would taste good in some dumplings. MMM good..
Squirrels are a lot of fun to live with. Drive our cats crazy. (There is acutally a species of squirrel named cat squirrel. The one shown is probably a fox squirrel.)

Many people hunt them. In fact, some rural schools have as much as 70% absentees on the first day of squirrel More...
You are lucky if all squirrels do is die in your attic. We had squirrels eat through our roof and do terrible damage. After that we trapped over 140 of them in the woods behind our house and let them loose in an area across the river for someone else to worry about.
It is especially fun to watch squirrels and blue jays chase each other. Our cat sits at the window and 'barks' at them while they dig around looking for their lost walnuts. Our NZ AFS student was mesmorized by them. But regardless of how entertaining they are, they are still tree rats.
Was this a lucky 'shot' or was it taken with a telephoto lens? We have had a lot of Squirrel this year. Brown, black and gray! They are cute to watch and always busy, but they can be very destructive. I know some people who had squirrels get into their house through the fireplace and they did a lot of damage in the house.
We prefer the Red squirrel here in Merseyside. We have one of the ever dwindling groups here at Formby. Their food and habitat have been taken over by their larger American cousin the Grey as shown in the picture. The Greys are cute but the Reds are even more so being smaller.
6.00 I kept getting in a mess
We didn't trap those 140 squirrels all at once, in case you were wondering. How amazing would that be. It was over a couple year period.
I think he's terribly cute, but I agree with Jane. The red ones are far prettier though I've only ever seen them in pictures. I did see a grey squirrel in London.
My cats brought a lizard into the house last night. I had to rescue it twice! They haven't brought in a snake yet.
Good luck on the geegees. Sweep well for tomorrow.
I've seen a squirrel running around a park when we visited England a few years ago they are so cute this one looks a bit sad. I'm not game to post my time you lot to good for me.
cheeky little squirrel
have a great day/night one and all
Hey y'all...could possibly be worse than a cat!

Barb/Canberra...squirrels look cute until you have them nesting in your eaves, chewing holes in wires and other assorted pain in the backside type activities.

The only thing they are good for is giving my dog exercise since they run More...
maEn. 4:44. The squirrel and the popcorn - another one for the story books!
I tried growing tomatoes on my 5th floor balcony, but the squirrels ate most of them before they got ripe, right through the mesh I put around the plants. I'd hoped I was high enough, but squirrels are good climbers. They are so accustomed to humans that when I walk into the apartment, they come More...
I am from Anderson and I think I remember this squirrel. Do any Andersonians remember me? 66' Anderson Indians.
Well, that's the ugliest mouse I've ever seen.
My dogs love to chase squirrels. The Austrialian Shepherd actually caught one. She might have had help from the Yellow Lab. Anyway they brought their prize into the house by way of the doggie door and left it in front of the bathroom, where I was showering. When I came out of the bathroom and saw More...
I love your story Nina from FL. We had a cat that brought a huge rat she'd killed to the front porch. She then meaoed till I came and saw it. She wanted me to see her prize. It must have been her first because she never showed me another, thank goodness, but we never had rats in our house though More...
5:22 Good Maen all
6:11 not too shabby (for me that is!)
Furry little nut eaters, I know some of them. Sarah, stick your 1/2 naked hubby out on the balcony then the squirrels will have a distraction and your tomatoes will be safe
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