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Medium Sudoku for 7/November/2018


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Drat! Forgot to set the timer!
07/Nov/18 12:16 AM
5:34 I think I should have forgotten my timer.
07/Nov/18 12:26 AM
07/Nov/18 3:14 AM
It's a daffodil.
07/Nov/18 3:31 AM
I never set mine for anything other than Easy. Better for my ego!
07/Nov/18 3:34 AM
No, a daffodil has six exterior petals and strap-like leaves. This looks to me like a buttercup ranucula.
07/Nov/18 4:01 AM
Don't think so DotCom. The leaves are and flower shape are wrong.
07/Nov/18 4:04 AM
I thought it was a daffodil, too.It sure does look like one.
07/Nov/18 7:15 AM
Hi all 3:10 correct name for this flower is it’s a yellow one
07/Nov/18 7:43 AM
2:02. Good morning all.

Not a daff, I think Sailor got it right!
07/Nov/18 8:08 AM
everybody. Don't ask me I wouldn't know the difference between a flower and fauna
07/Nov/18 9:43 AM
I tried Google and all flowers are yellow
07/Nov/18 9:46 AM
07/Nov/18 10:09 AM
You are quite right Sailor.

I NEVER time myself but thought I would today. 5:36 and I found myself making stupid mistakes as my mind concentrated on the time rather than the solution. A good enough excuse anyway
07/Nov/18 11:44 AM
Ha!! Just realised it was medium and not Easy. Now I don't feel so bad
07/Nov/18 11:46 AM
7:22 for me... I was all over the place. Not a daffodil but has a similar flower. Daffodils are a bulb and don't grow on a bush
07/Nov/18 6:18 PM
I still say it's a daffodil with one of it's three inner petals missing. I googled both and the buttercup ranunculus has many more petals.

07/Nov/18 6:19 PM
Leaves suggest it is a sport of camellia
07/Nov/18 6:22 PM
but camellias are not yellow apart from Brushfield's yellow
07/Nov/18 6:24 PM
Please ignore above. Having a bad hair day here
07/Nov/18 6:26 PM
I think Plum might be on the money with some sort of buttercup, similar to this:

https://www.foap.com/photos/closeup-of-yellow-five-petals-buttercup-flower-growing-on-a-shr ub-0f06f333-cd57-4b2b-b630-a16075050257
07/Nov/18 8:59 PM
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