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Medium Sudoku for 7/July/2009


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Canada geese!
07/Jul/09 12:12 AM
Pesky geese!
07/Jul/09 12:12 AM
Nice honkers, Sue! (love the Canadians!)
07/Jul/09 12:14 AM
Whassa matter with you, Hal, that you don't like a goose?
07/Jul/09 12:17 AM
You offering Judy???
07/Jul/09 12:46 AM
Ooohhh, Ladies ... we got a hot one here!
07/Jul/09 12:48 AM
4:58 People feed city park geese all year. You can't find a footspace to walk through the parks without walking in goose poop. And they're aggressive because they all expect bread handouts. I think the city ought to host an Olde English Christmas dinner with about 200 roasted geese every year to More...
07/Jul/09 12:57 AM
I agree Plum, they could serve rabbit as an appetizer.
07/Jul/09 1:10 AM
That's it! I'm calling the ASPCA!!!
07/Jul/09 1:13 AM
I agree also, Plum. We have a beautiful city park here: Swan Lake and Iris Garden. Used to be a few seasonal Canada geese, but now there are several hundred permanent residents. We need an annual 'Goose hunt Day.'

Judy: don't be a PITA! (That's right, PITA, not PETA.)
07/Jul/09 1:37 AM
Cute, Hal, very cute. You'll get yours ...
07/Jul/09 1:42 AM
maen all! they are real good eating...not fatty like domestic geese. we had a major problem with local geese until "the miracle on the hudson" plane crash last fall. since then the three major airports in the area have,with faa and gov. approval, gassed over 10,000 of them. now all the More...
07/Jul/09 1:58 AM
Goose Poo is a big problem, unfortunately. I love to hear them "honk" as they fly by!
07/Jul/09 2:25 AM
3:00 Maen! Alternate title: "Land Ho(nk)!"
07/Jul/09 3:55 AM
Debbie, I think the major words are "fly by."

We have major traffic tie-ups when they decide to take their goslings from one side of the road to the other. Mama will parade out into the middle and wait there until everyone is across - have even seen one go back to get a reluctant More...
07/Jul/09 4:02 AM
6:26, hi all.
07/Jul/09 7:43 AM
Interesting attitudes on geese! I agree, they can really become aggressive - obviously so if they are used as "watchdogs" in places.
07/Jul/09 11:51 AM
Jamie... "they" say that familiarity breeds contempt. It sure does in this case!
07/Jul/09 12:43 PM
Why don't people learn by the mistakes of the earlier generation wild birds should never be fed bread its not their natural way of eating grain.
07/Jul/09 1:53 PM
6:50 Hi to all.
08/Jul/09 12:19 AM
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