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Medium Sudoku for 8/January/2010


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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A popular place as Kate (Ku ring gai), Ian and Joan have all submitted photos.
08/Jan/10 12:05 AM
But not for the prisoners, I'll bet!
08/Jan/10 12:14 AM
Looked it up... an interesting history of the camp on WiKipedia.
08/Jan/10 12:27 AM
A sad reminder of war.
08/Jan/10 12:39 AM
Remarkable, was this for Japanese Prisioners? We had a camp near where I live, but it is gone. One would never know it was ever there..
08/Jan/10 1:05 AM
There were German POWs in SW Michigan when I was little. Now people fear housing a few terrorists in the USA.
08/Jan/10 1:19 AM
Ah-h, Lee ... but don't you think that they are a little more resourceful and dangerous these days?
08/Jan/10 2:21 AM
Taking a step away from harsh realities a moment, the first piece of music I ever taught myself to play by ear was the theme from Hogan's Heroes.
08/Jan/10 2:49 AM
2:37 Maen! Probably a lot of stories from that place...
08/Jan/10 3:46 AM
maen all! we americans sent all people of japanese descent(citizens or not) on the west coast to internment camps during ww2. yet, nearly all german p.o.w.'s in the states were given jobs on the local farms throughout the mid-western states...about 60% of them stayed in the states after the war and became good hard working u.s. citizens.
08/Jan/10 5:36 AM
This camp had several different nationalities in it but the largest group were the Japanese.
08/Jan/10 8:15 AM
According to Wikipedia, many hundreds of WWII Japanese POWs held one of the war's greatest POW outbreaks at this site. In those day, Imperial Japanese Forces were taught capture shameful, and many died to try escape and many more committed suicide rather than suffer recapture.
"War is all Hell." Gen. William T. Sherman
08/Jan/10 2:02 PM
7:07, slow today. We've been there, but not for quite a number of years (probably around 20 of them.)
08/Jan/10 7:59 PM
08/Jan/10 8:55 PM
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