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Medium Sudoku for 8/October/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good maEn to everyone. OK, TIME TO STAND UP AND BE COUNTED. Let me confess that I am part and parcel of this wonderful land of Sudoku for past year and a half but somehow out of sheer inertia never got to creating my page or writing comments. I did create my page when I took part in the Last Man More...
08/Oct/07 12:07 AM
3:18 Good Maen everyone!
08/Oct/07 12:22 AM
I wonder what the view would be from there?
Sea, Moutian, City - most likely the ocean though.
08/Oct/07 12:25 AM
Unique design...Modern...yet attuned to classic architecture...I always wanted to be an architect.
08/Oct/07 12:33 AM
Looks like modern architecture!

Jaspal - It is great to have you here!
08/Oct/07 12:37 AM
Impressive hotel. What city?
08/Oct/07 12:42 AM
5:03 Exactly where is this hotel? I think I'd easily get lost in there although I've stayed in a few big ones like that.
08/Oct/07 12:53 AM
3:13. Good Maen. Hi dear Anne.
08/Oct/07 2:03 AM
3.48 pretty speedy
08/Oct/07 2:07 AM
08/Oct/07 2:12 AM
Hi, this is a photo I took a few years ago from our hotel window in Singapore.
Sorry it has taken me a little while to acknowledge this photo but for some reason, know only to computers, I have been unable to access the Sudoku site. I was able to get jigsaws, but nothing else.
Never mind, it seems to have fixed itself now and I am back in the wonderful world of Sudoku.
08/Oct/07 7:40 AM
3:44. A nice quick one this morning, which is just as well as I really need to get a move on and get to work.
08/Oct/07 7:45 AM
Good evening to all! No traffic, no people. Almost looks like a scale model Ian. Great picture!
08/Oct/07 8:39 AM
I am glad to see that I am not the only one that is slow - like Jaspal
08/Oct/07 8:58 AM
3.48 thank you Ian for letting us know where it is ......
08/Oct/07 9:03 AM
I had the same problem this morning, Ian but I couldn't get Jigsaws either! Thanks for the puzzle, Ian
08/Oct/07 10:45 AM
08/Oct/07 12:01 PM
3:40something... I have been trying for ages to bring back up the puzzle after I had completed it and now I have gone blank on the time. Oh, well.
08/Oct/07 3:10 PM
4:01 still haven't broken the 4' barrier ...
08/Oct/07 7:25 PM
Ian, great picture! But I just wanted to highlight that this is a picture of The Mandarin Oriental, Singapore (the fan emblem at the top is their hotel symbol), but perhaps the photo was taken from Pan Pacific Hotel which is opposite the Mandarin Oriental? Whatever the case, I have always been a More...
08/Oct/07 8:17 PM
5.41 Impressive.
Better late than never Merrillskid! to you and Jaspal.
08/Oct/07 9:29 PM
4:03 Hi to all. Interesting building Ian.
08/Oct/07 9:45 PM
a j the photo was taken from the Marina Mandarin. I thought it was a photo of the Pan Pacific but that was just a guess. Thanks for the advice.
08/Oct/07 11:00 PM
09/Oct/07 12:06 AM
25/Oct/07 3:57 AM
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