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Easy Sudoku for 1/March/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Up late and goodness me I seem to be the first but someone might log in whilst I'm typing this Good maeN everyone
01/Mar/16 12:33 AM
Ceri...goodnight, Ceri.
01/Mar/16 1:29 AM
I am off to play cards in a few minutes. Well, play cards, have lunch, play cards.
We enjoy this so much we have upped the playing time to twice a month. I don't know if it's the cards or the buffet at the hotel where we play that caused us to add the extra time.
01/Mar/16 1:34 AM
Bye for now! Have a good day, everyone!
01/Mar/16 1:36 AM
a warm beautiful day for OK
01/Mar/16 1:49 AM
Spent most of Saturday with Harry. I needed to update my Nook so took what I needed. I knew if I was home I would be getting up to do other things and not get the updates done.
01/Mar/16 1:54 AM
Yesterday was such a beautiful day, we had a high of 77F. Kevin dug out an overgrown plant for me. I planted a couple new plants in the pots on the patio then I went and picked up the two new chairs and end table for the front porch.
01/Mar/16 1:57 AM
Good morning.
01/Mar/16 2:48 AM
Sounds like you had a day of achievements, Sue.
01/Mar/16 2:49 AM
Good to see you, Ceri.
01/Mar/16 2:49 AM
Card day sounds like fun, Kathy.
01/Mar/16 2:51 AM
I had a busy day yesterday - appointment, lunch, appointment, all of which were a couple of hours each. Today is also busy with main event going to see my new grandniece, 10 days old.
01/Mar/16 2:53 AM
Happy Monday Leap Day!
01/Mar/16 3:43 AM
01/Mar/16 3:49 AM
It's still before Noon here so Maen!
01/Mar/16 3:50 AM
to CP and family on the birth of your grandniece. And you didn't have to catch this one!
01/Mar/16 3:51 AM
The only one I have that is remotely connected to a leap.
01/Mar/16 3:53 AM
01/Mar/16 4:00 AM
I guess I have been so busy I did not notice this was Leap Year. Happy February 29th.
01/Mar/16 4:12 AM
Use your extra day wisely, make it count.
01/Mar/16 4:13 AM
Getting close.
01/Mar/16 4:13 AM
01/Mar/16 4:13 AM
Me I am going to doctors appointment this afternoon.
01/Mar/16 4:14 AM
Looks like he's about to get his thumb bit.
01/Mar/16 4:21 AM
Keith got his '22' on Leap Day! All's right with the world!
01/Mar/16 4:59 AM
Snow coming tonight.
(Boo! Hiss! The last snowfall melted yesterday.)
01/Mar/16 5:01 AM
Good afternoon! Another couple days of snow-melt before an 'interesting' mix of precipitation. Nothing to shovel makes it a double bonus day!
01/Mar/16 5:31 AM
Morning all, wonderful picture today .
We will be heading for home later after we help with a couple of small jobs at my sisters place.
01/Mar/16 7:35 AM
Where's Dale?
01/Mar/16 7:46 AM

1: 5 = Time Zones in the Continental United States (including Alaska)
2 : 27 = Books in the New Testament
3 : 12 = Beatitudes in the Sermon on the Mount (This was the given answer but there are only 8 or 9 in More...
01/Mar/16 7:55 AM

My friend Rupesh said to me: 'Five years ago, the sum of my age and my son's age was a third of five times the average of the present ages of my son and myself.' If the son will be 15 years old in 5 years time, how old is Rupesh now?

Answers to my ''ageless'' inbox please.
01/Mar/16 8:15 AM
You are an easy grader, Serena.

01/Mar/16 8:21 AM
Ba Muoi Ba
01/Mar/16 8:31 AM
Keith, I would leap too if someone was sticking holly in my bum!
01/Mar/16 8:38 AM
Easy graders are what keep the students trying; it's the best kind of teacher to be!
01/Mar/16 11:36 AM
Bet you're a successful teacher, Serena!
01/Mar/16 11:40 AM
Keith, what is I your avatar? - not the 'leaping' one, the one on #21 & #22.
01/Mar/16 11:44 AM
No obvious competition for bottom of page
01/Mar/16 12:22 PM
I hope that shosho and Hal are not lurking
01/Mar/16 12:23 PM
I'll claim bottom of page, but someone might beat me.
01/Mar/16 12:24 PM
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