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Easy Sudoku for 1/March/2017


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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01/Mar/17 12:04 AM
01/Mar/17 12:04 AM
1:59 Hello Keith and Good night all!
01/Mar/17 12:06 AM
Good Maen, good people.
01/Mar/17 12:19 AM
Just reading comments from yesterday. No. I am not a genus and species expert and I don't think I identified the flower in the photo. All I was saying is that the photo reminded me of a similar plant that we have growing out here that I IDed as a 4-H Wildflower project leader. I study the More...
01/Mar/17 12:54 AM
Vowel Movement: I've come up with a new list of vowel movements. I don't know whose turn it is to post a puzzle, and I hope I'm not stepping on anybody's toes, but I'll offer these for anybody willing to try their hand. To refresh your memory, a vowel movement is a word pair where all letters of More...
01/Mar/17 12:57 AM
Wombat, I missed your poozle from the day before yesterday. I'll go there now. I still wish there was a Poozle comment type along with Recipe, Joke, Sudoku Technique and General Chat to help search out poodle postings. I suggested it years ago when Fiona was still the poozler! Back then I had metered internet so I needed to load pages conservatively. Nothing ever came of my suggestion.
01/Mar/17 1:00 AM
Ah. Then I'll be back for Keith's Vowel Movement poozle. (Someday I'll get my tablet to accept poozle and not try to change it to poodle if I type it often enough.)
01/Mar/17 1:03 AM
Joyce - your house plant link shows the type of Wandering Jew my mom used to grow. Thanks.
Hmm. Nice plant. I should find a cutting to start at home myself.
01/Mar/17 1:20 AM
It just dawned on me that I didn't include directions as to submitting answers to my Vowel Movement. Please don't post answers here. Send me a PM by going to my page and sending me a private message titled ''VM-22''
01/Mar/17 1:30 AM

Yay! A poozle from Keith! You are definitely not stepping on my toes. I would always rather work them than post them!
01/Mar/17 2:17 AM
G'day folks! Such in-depth postings today I almost forgot today's tip for solving the Sudoku: 8->1 then 9 ...easy peasy!
01/Mar/17 2:31 AM
Never hear of that performing center;;;;;;;; here's the scoop:
Alice Tully Hall is a concert hall,located within the Juilliard Building, at the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts in Upper West Side, Manhattan, New York City. It is named for Alice Tully, a New York performer and philanthropist whose donations assisted in the construction of the hall.
01/Mar/17 2:33 AM
So glad to see the return of the Vowel Movements, Keith! It's been so long since you have had one! Although I do have to say that you are the last person I would think would begin with a non-PC clue and move directly on to a naughty one!
01/Mar/17 3:26 AM
I'm wondering if we should be feeling exceedingly sorry for Keith.
01/Mar/17 3:45 AM
Kathy, first out of the blocks, and nailed them all.
01/Mar/17 4:36 AM
I'm happy to inform the world that my movements are just fine, and that not all liberals are incapable of going non-PC.
01/Mar/17 5:01 AM
Approaching the threshold ...
01/Mar/17 5:01 AM
At the threshold.
01/Mar/17 5:02 AM
Boldly going beyond the threshold.
01/Mar/17 5:02 AM
01/Mar/17 5:02 AM
01/Mar/17 5:02 AM
I don't think I've literally laughed out loud trying to figure out a puzzle before.
01/Mar/17 5:05 AM

Happy Anniversary to

Peter & Rosmhuire

01/Mar/17 5:36 AM
1:39. Good morning everyone.
01/Mar/17 6:09 AM
Morning all,great photo of concentration.
My sister flys home to Freemantle today it's been great having the family together.
01/Mar/17 6:22 AM
01/Mar/17 6:26 AM
Happy Tuesday!
01/Mar/17 6:54 AM
Good mAen - Fat Tuesday here 🍩🍩🍩 got my treats and they gave me apricot instead of lemon - had to go back - yes, my family's desire outweigh the effort ! My son is coming home tonight - the house is a mess - but he has a clean bed and a lemon Fat Tuesday treat
01/Mar/17 7:30 AM
Judy, 2nd across the finish line, also nailed it.
01/Mar/17 7:45 AM
01/Mar/17 9:17 AM
I'm not sure why the word (or non-word poozle is used, but I suspect it is to distinguish it from Sudoku puzzles.
01/Mar/17 11:12 AM
Wombat third across the line, also got them all right.
01/Mar/17 11:20 AM
01/Mar/17 11:47 AM
Should I go for the trifecta?
01/Mar/17 2:00 PM
I've never done that.
01/Mar/17 2:00 PM
Has anybody?
01/Mar/17 2:00 PM
2-22, and Top.
01/Mar/17 2:01 PM
We'll see if I can pull it off.
01/Mar/17 2:01 PM
01/Mar/17 2:01 PM
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