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Easy Sudoku for 2/March/2017


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good Maen, good people.
02/Mar/17 12:00 AM
☁️🐣Maen - not sure if it is good yet ! But in a bit I'm sure my inner spirit will wake up to embrace the day.
02/Mar/17 12:06 AM
Oldest child has returned - picked up from airport in that horrid downpour that graced by neck of the woods
02/Mar/17 12:08 AM
The child SNOREs ! We knew this may be a problem - anyone have room for ME ! Youngish child is upset - he takes a shower at 2:30 AM! When asked - I up ! Then I hear the dryer going - husband - garage door going up/ down/up/ down-
02/Mar/17 12:11 AM
Well, I feel the spirit a moving - The aspirin must've kicked in - off to the pool for 3 hours and then home to sort out these bumps in our path -
02/Mar/17 12:14 AM
Gotta love our children and the trials that help to mold our personalities and shape our lives !
02/Mar/17 12:17 AM
Mymare, pick up a family PACK of earplugs. so sorry for you. And I say that as a snorer myself.
02/Mar/17 12:38 AM
Good Maen, Plum and mymare!
02/Mar/17 12:52 AM
Waiting for kids to show up.
02/Mar/17 12:56 AM
So, Jamie, tell me the story about your gorilla. I may have known it once upon a time but I've forgotten? Is it a mascot?
02/Mar/17 1:00 AM
Kids must have shown up. Well, I'm not going to get away with skipping a cup of tea this morning. And I'll need breakfast after all since I didn't eat supper last night. But before I go ...
02/Mar/17 1:10 AM
Kathy! You've got a two day birthday courtesy of Sudokuland. Celebrate twice as well.
02/Mar/17 1:11 AM
02/Mar/17 1:41 AM
G'day fine folks & HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Kathy! What a wonderful weather day too for enjoying it!
02/Mar/17 1:56 AM
Not sunny today.
02/Mar/17 2:12 AM
Good morning.
02/Mar/17 2:26 AM
Happy Birthday, Kathy!
02/Mar/17 2:28 AM
To steal a quote from a birthday card I saw ages ago - I know what you'd like for your birthday - TLC.
02/Mar/17 2:30 AM
Ten less candles.
02/Mar/17 2:31 AM
But then again - You've reached the wonder age -
02/Mar/17 2:33 AM
Wonder where my car keys are? Wonder where my glasses are? ,,,,,
02/Mar/17 2:34 AM
02/Mar/17 2:34 AM
Thanks for the birthday wishes!
That about sums it up, CP.
02/Mar/17 2:46 AM
Wonder years???
Love it, CP!
02/Mar/17 2:50 AM
Birthday and POOZLE DAY!

Form eight (8) complete words from list A, B, & C. Choose one word part from each list to form the new word. Example: CORN + ERST + ONE = CORNERSTONE

List B: CUB, IS, ME, ON, IT, EN, AD, PA
List C: COPE, More...
02/Mar/17 2:52 AM

Eeore, a gallumping he did go. I was just a few minutes late getting here.

Vowel Movement results shortly.
02/Mar/17 2:52 AM
Before I reveal the answers, a couple of general comments. I enjoyed getting back into the fray. I've always enjoyed this old family game that I believe my mother invented. They are both fun to create and fun to solve. Here are the 10 answers.

1. Black nerd Dark dork
2. Exceedingly More...
02/Mar/17 3:05 AM
And here are the results in the order I received them: Birthday Kathy was first in with a 10/10. She commented that nit nut gave her a laugh, because she knows nit to mean a small unit. I think it is most commonly known to mean head lice, either the eggs, or the animal itself. Judy was second in, More...
02/Mar/17 3:38 AM
One final comment. I'm annoyed with myself that I didn't catch forth while proofreading, it should have been fourth.
02/Mar/17 3:44 AM
That picture looks awful, but, on the bright side, the tear out looks to be finished. It can only get better from there.
02/Mar/17 4:02 AM
Even without computer problems I would not have had any more answers! It was great fun & thanks for giving us the challenge, Keith!
02/Mar/17 4:03 AM
02/Mar/17 4:31 AM
Oh, yikes, that picture. I'm reliving the nightmare.
02/Mar/17 5:31 AM
Hope the nightmare is over, and that all is in great shape again.
02/Mar/17 5:59 AM
1:53. Good morning everyone.
02/Mar/17 6:09 AM
Morning all, thought my sisters friend had put her kitchen make over photo on here. I think this kitchen would have been done a long time ago.
02/Mar/17 6:50 AM
Kathy, have fun rehearsing the big day.
02/Mar/17 6:54 AM
good people of Sudokuland!
02/Mar/17 7:34 AM
02/Mar/17 7:34 AM
CP- love the card quote!
02/Mar/17 7:35 AM
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