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Easy Sudoku for 1/May/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Cleo looks like a former cat of mine.
01/May/15 12:13 AM
Beginning with 'le', add letters from the given pool to create an eight-letter word which gives 'a great place for a cup of coffee'. Do not rearrange the letters as you go. In this teaser, you will add two letters in the last step.

Pool: P T T B O A

1) LE
2) _ _ _
3) _ _ _ More...
01/May/15 12:14 AM
A friend of mine has the two little ones for a bit so I'm going to go and be productive or take a nap. Decisions, decisions.
01/May/15 12:15 AM
01/May/15 12:30 AM
In a few minutes must leave to take hubby to the doctor. Related to the bike accident injuries.
01/May/15 12:31 AM
Then to the grocery store for the week's load of food . . .
01/May/15 12:31 AM
And somewhere in there I must stop by the school to deliver the certificates for the children who competed last Saturday . . .
01/May/15 12:32 AM

Woohoo got my fav number!!!
01/May/15 12:32 AM
Here's for everyone!!!
01/May/15 12:33 AM
Does Cleo like to walk along the keys?
01/May/15 12:45 AM

We had a similar looking cat when I was a little kid. His name was Wee. I don't remember if that had to do with his non-existant littler box habits, or not. I do recall hearing my Mom saying, ''Oh, for heaven's sake, Wee!'' More...
01/May/15 1:21 AM
As far as the litter box went, Wee never caught on to the fact that he should assume a squatting position when relieving himself. My mom found him abandoned under our porch when he was just a new born. I guess he never had ''parental guidance'' on the finer points. My dad had to fashion a plastic shield sort of contraption to catch the, um....wee.
01/May/15 1:32 AM
Good morning.
01/May/15 1:33 AM
Gives shosho's Topp ritual a whole new meaning.
01/May/15 1:35 AM
Dunno about ''silver tongued devil'', Peter. Just proper ''fetchin' up''.
01/May/15 2:31 AM
Kids arriving for class in about 8 minutes - just about long enough to work the puzzle (okay, I am not QUITE that slow).
I hope to get back later and look at the puzzle.
01/May/15 2:51 AM
Okay - finished the puzzle. Cats are okay - as long as they don't live in my house!
01/May/15 2:55 AM

I agree with Jamie about cats that don't live in my house. My brother has the two cats that had been his son's before he moved in with his fiance who's allergic to cats! The cats are fine for the limited times that I'm at my brother's home.
01/May/15 3:04 AM
Good afternoon people of the world.
01/May/15 3:09 AM
Anyone up for some gallumping?
01/May/15 3:10 AM
01/May/15 3:10 AM
There you go, dear.
01/May/15 3:11 AM
This could work Serena.
Your older little darlings are off at play and you are home relaxing with a good nap. Could get thing rolling along.
01/May/15 3:12 AM
Hummm, Kathy had a Wee and I had a Poopers. Won't go into details, again, about that name.

I believe every person should be blessed with a cat or two. I don't believe any home is complete without one or two.
01/May/15 3:14 AM
Cats are just like Dogs, People and inanimate objects. Some swear by them - Some swear at them.
01/May/15 3:28 AM
To my grand-twins!
Yesterday was Gwendolyn's.
Today is Austyn's!
(Yes, they were born on different days!)
01/May/15 3:38 AM
01/May/15 4:00 AM
01/May/15 4:15 AM
In talking with the State Attorney this morning, it dawned on me that he was talking about the board reviewing his reentry stipulation document at their May meeting, not when he had it completed. That meeting is May 20. I spoke with the office manager. Sigh. Oh, well. More will get done here before I go!
01/May/15 4:19 AM
Hi Cleo. You seem to be very comfortable in your surroundings.
01/May/15 4:35 AM
Ahem, Keith, it's my WHEEE with an H, an exclamation of fun and Kathy's wee ,done privately, hopefully well aimed as well!
01/May/15 4:50 AM

Welcome to page 2.
01/May/15 5:33 AM
Where did that come from?
01/May/15 5:38 AM
Good afternoon to all! Nice colouring in that cat. I like it!
01/May/15 5:49 AM
Now to have a look at Serena's puzzle.
01/May/15 5:50 AM
Good morning.
01/May/15 6:46 AM
Nice to see Bev here.
01/May/15 6:47 AM
Wonder how her house renovations are going.
01/May/15 6:47 AM
Wonder where everyone is.
01/May/15 6:48 AM
01/May/15 6:49 AM
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